Friday, July 29, 2011

This's & That's

Ya know what?  This blog has been viewed over 200 times in the last 48 hours which was the last time I wrote on here, Over 200.  That is a lot of people wanting to read what I wrote. Do you see how fast the grapevine works?  Do you see how much gossip is going on to get that many hits in such a short period of time?  Unless, what I wanted to do and get the word out about The Koch's is working, and for people to start supporting the right people.  This is what I pray for, this is what I am praying for.  When I sat down here to write something, I was getting myself all upset (hence the reason for the title) because I didn't have a clue on how to write what I am feeling about the viewings of this blog. I was feeling embarrassed,thinking that the only reason people are coming here is to see if there is any smut.  But now that I am writing, I really don't feel that way at all, that's       A LOT of people reading what I wrote, and only good can from it.  so WOOOHOOOO!!!
Now on to my that's.... lolol  so I guess up there was a this.....  :-)
Who would of thunk (lol) that at almost 50 years old, that I would have a baby.  Isn't that insane? When Calie is just about 21.  People of always said that I would come home with a child, but really when you think about it, I think not!!!! But God had a different idea and he led the three of us together.  We were watching Dontae last night as we were on our bed playing.  For a little guy with two fingers on each hand and three toes on each foot, there is nothing this child can't do (except maybe pick up a flat piece of paper) but even then he figured out how to get it to bunch up so he could grab it.  I feel that when God designs children he gives them all different strengths and weaknesses, and I know by watching this little guy run, and communicate with everyone, watch him play by himself, that this child will never feel like something is different about him.  He is smart and strong and so many other words that I can't even think of right now. He has many different roads he is going to have to go down with his handicaps, but I know he will come out even more amazing.
The other day, Mark was hanging Dontae upside down by his feet and we were all laughing because of the big smile on his face, but that is when I noticed something red right behind his two front teeth.  So I had Mark stop so I could look.  You see when you look straight at Dontae and look in his mouth there would be no way to see this, and since the Dr. went to surgery the day of Dontae's appointment, he didn't look.  So now here we are with Dontae upside down, and I see a hole, that looks like it goes right through to is nasal cavity. Ok, I say what the heck is this?  Mark didn't seem all that concerned, so I tried to be the same way.  But no not me, I had to educate myself before I would take that for an answer. Truth its all about the truth right?  LOLOL  so I joined a international adoption with cleft palate group, that somehow managed to get to my inbox.  Divine intervention?????  Oh yea!!!  So I joined and started asking questions. Well its called a fistula.  They are sorta common especially with a bilateral cleft palate (which Dontae is)  It might close itself, doubtful, but it might.  He might have lots of difficulty talking because of the airflow, he might need surgery after 6 months, he might have to wear some sort of device that plugs the hole up.  What was the common word I used  "Might", " I don't work on might's.  Not when I have my Heavenly Father with me and my family every second of the way.  So there ya have it.  We will cross the bridges that come up before us as they come. Just wait till you meet this boy, simply amazing I say simply amazing.