Friday, July 1, 2011

Full House

Starting tomorrow, there is a huge 50th Birthday party bash at Button Bay Beach Getaway.  So this guy rented the entire property.  This means there is no room at the Inn.   LOL
Mark, Matty, Calie, Dontae & I are headed to Negril for the week, until my sweet girls go back to the States.
We are going to have soooooooooooooooo much fun.
I tell ya its kinda weird packing up and leaving here this morning, but we will be back soon.  When we come back we will stay over for one night and then we head to Kingston for Dontae's big surgery.  The Dr. says he will be in the hospital for a week to ten days.  So Mark and I rented an apartment for the duration.
If he has a cold of any kind they will NOT do the surgery, so please be praying whenever you can.
The adoption that was supposed to be done so we could come home on July 8th is now not going to be done until the end of Aug. Please pray for this as well.  We are now using credit cards for things, which is not what we had intended.  So we do need to get home for Mark to bring in some money.  :-)  Anyways I will write some more soon.