Thursday, July 14, 2011

Did he come home?

I woke up this morning at 5:20am with a bad feeling about Dontae, since we never got a phone call I tried to push it away, but as the morning went on it got a little worse.  So needless to say I was a bit anxious to get to the hospital.  When we walked in Dontae was crying just a little bit, but I noticed that he didn't have in the IV anymore, so I was re leaved.  He was crying cause he had a messy diaper.  As I was changing him, Mark said :WO" my heart sank, he showed me his arm and it was swelling up around the bandages on his arm.  You see they have to splint down both arms because they can't allow his thumb to get in his mouth or anything else for that matter. Mark went up to the nurse and low and behold she said his IV was never in his arm.   "OH REALLY"  lol  if it wasn't for Nurse Christy making sure and getting the IV taken out and getting him pedisure, I might of gone a little nuts.   LOL  But I didn't have too thanks to her.  Some day when a billion dollars lands in my pocket I am going to buy this hospital the machines that beep all the time when the IV is not working.  Even though they are so annoying, I was wishing they had them.  I see the hundreds of children in this hospital, and some with no parents or even visitors for that matter.  What happens to those children?  Don't get me wrong, I am not putting down this hospital,  I have seen the same thing in the States with the care of my father over the years.  Jamaica just doesn't have all the bells and whistles as the States do.  Dr. Arscott was amazing and the same with all his attendees.  Today the Dr.s did there rounds, I made sure and told them what happened, because they need to know these things.  And they told us that Dontae can come home today, but has to be back for a check up next Thursday.  Well yippity du dah I say!  Mark and I had to run to the supermarket because all Dontae gets for the next week is Pedisure.  Yikes do you know how much that costs?   And he has to keep the splints on.  So nurse Christy hooked us up with the bandages so we didn't have to go buy that.  They called in his prescription downstairs and we could pick it up on our way out. You are not allowed to take any pictures in the hospitals here in Jamaica, but I did manage to take two of Dontae so I could compare his face now to when we came in.  And then I had to take a picture of Tracy who I told you about before, Dontae just loved her and she took such good care of him.  So I will post those maybe tomorrow.  It was now time to leave and Tracy was so sad, since she had to stay in the hospital for like another week, and her best bud was leaving her, so that made me cry.  It was kinda bittersweet leaving today, because we did make many good friends and met wonderful children who their bodies were burnt so bad it was sad.  We said our goodbyes and went downstairs and picked up the prescription.  So we made a nice little bed up for Dontae but he is having a tuff tuff time. He falls asleep and then wakes up, and starts crying, I understand why, because everything he finally fell asleep in the hospital, is when we would leave.  So he is scared the same thing will happen.  Poor little fella.  But daddy has the touch.  Prayers for all of us to get a good night sleep and Dontae won't wake up in pain..


Miss Linda said...

I was able to take pictures a long time ago of a hospital in Jamaica. There were goats and chickens walking up and down the halls and they were washing their rubber gloves and hanging them on the line to dry. I know what you are talking about and we here in the U.S.A. are sooooooooo blessed. Anyway, I'm so glad that Donate can go home and that the doctors were so good. Keep the faith and all will go well with his recovery. Keep everyone posted, many are praying.