Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The day after surgery

So today we get to the hospital and the nurse was taking Dontae's temp.  so of course he was crying.  Then he say us and was so happy.  He cuddled right into the same spot as yesterday.  But to me he looked thinner, so I started looking at the IV and again it still wasn't dripping.  I told the nurse and she told me that once again  a Dr. was coming to re do it.  She also told us that he still could have no food or drink. So then after awhile we got Dontae to sleep so left to go back to the apartment to eat lunch.  But first I told the nurse that when the Dr. comes in please have them listen to his lungs, because he has a small cough. We got back to the hospital  just before three the Dr. was still not there which means Dontae has had nothing going into his system for 9 hours.  No wonder he looks skinny. I talked to Gladys on the phone and she told me to call the Dr.  So I asked the nurse for his number and she just called him and told him I wanted to speak with him,  he said to her, Dontae could be released tomorrow.  WHAT! and they hung up. The poor baby still isn't getting fluids from the IV.  Just then the nurse that was here the night we came in a day early, stepped up to the plate and asked me what Dontae has had to eat today.  I told her the nurse said he couldn't have anything yet.  She said   what?  and got him some apple juice and then ordered up some pedisure.  Poor Dontae drank down the pedisure like crazy.  Bless Nurse Christy.  Because if she didn't step up and take care of this situation, I think I would drove to the Dr. office myself.  Now are darling boo boo is full and sleeping, and hopefully for the entire night. So we grabbed a pizza and came back to the apartment.  Tomorrow morning all the Dr.s who worked on Dontae will be doing a walk through, we do not want to miss that. I will have many things to ask and say. Keep praying for Dontae