Saturday, July 16, 2011

Good good day

Boo only woke up one time last night at 3:30am, just long enough for us to feed him pedisure and then right back asleep.  We are so thankful that our heavenly father put into my head to take the splints off and just wrap his hands.  It worked, and we all got some much needed sleep. We thought we would put the splints on during the day that way he would have use of his fingers, but he was great all day with the hands covered.  He took his two usual naps and now he is asleep for the night at 7:00.  While he is was taking his second nap Mark went and hung out in the pool. And I searched the web and napped as well.  Then before dinner we went for a little drive to get some salsa and a treat.  LOL
I am actually looking forward to watching  TV and hope there is a good movie on.  We haven't had TV in over a year now so its kinda fun. I also just got to watch Young and the Restless somehow.  Its Saturday but fine by me. LOL
We were talking today about being so happy that Matty and Calie were able to come and spend sometime with their new little brother, and really get to know him.  And wished that Alesia would start to feel differently about this little guy and feel differently about us trying to replace her. We pray that God will get through to her since we can't seem to.
We sure do miss Button Bay Gladys and William, even all the staff, oh man that just reminded me that the staff asked for us to bring back donuts of all things.  LOLOL Now where in Jamaica do you find a donut?
Button Bay also has a breeze, whew there sure isn't one here.  When we get back a past guest is coming back to stay for a week, it will be nice to see him again.  Not much else to tell you about, so nite nite.