Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yes I am in Jamaica

LOL  I said that because, sometimes I forget I am in a third world country.  I have to remember that everything works on a much slooowwweeerrrrr time frame.  Which is usually great, except when you get bad news right in the middle of it all.
We left for Kingston yesterday morning, and we were also taking Gladys's grandchildren home at the same time, since they live in Kingston.  First stop, the bank in Mandeville... check....then as we are on the road again we get a call from the kids mom who informs us that her Uncle just died and that she needed to be the one to tell her Aunt, so asked us if we could take the kids to their dads work.......check.... ok, now we are off to the passport office to pick up our passports, Gladys has made arrangements for us to pick it up early.  We get there and the woman is out to lunch.  so we leave there, ...check.... we head over to Dontae's Dr. appointment and then the phone rings, its Gladys who says she needs to come to Kingston right when we get home.  The man that died was her brother.  Ok so now, we want things to run smooth right?????? wrong.....We get to the Dr.  and sit for one and a half hours, just to find out he is still in surgery.  Ok then a three hour drive 70.00 worth of fuel and no appointment.  :-(  At least I had the brains to ask the nurse if Dontae could start eating baby food)  of which she said yes and even a sippy cup.  Yippeeee!
 So we leave there to go back to the passport office. Finally we find a parking place, Mark is the one to go in while I stay with Boo.  About five minutes later I see him limping walking back to the truck. (In my mind, I am thinking "did he get hit by a car?)  But noooooooooooooo, the entire bottom of his tiva sandle fell off.  LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL what?
So in I went,  and Thank you God, we got them. It is now 4:00 and we still haven't had lunch.  So the drive thru here we come.  Only a few places in Jamaica that you can go to a drive thru.  And right now is one of those times that I am thankful.  Ok we can go home now so Gladys can come back to be with the family. But it is a three hour drive, and driving in the dark for anyone is not a good idea.  So we will see.

On a funny note, apparently on my last blog, I wrote Cody's name, which is my oldest son's name.  I call Dontae Cody a lot.  LOL  and now I wrote it and didn't even know that I did, till my mom and Calie told me. LOLOLOLOLOL  that just cracked me up.

On a wonderful note, I had an email waiting for me when I got home, and Anita's adoption licence just came in. Praise the Lord, she needs her own, truly her own family.  I could not be more happy for this young lady.  She had to sit through all the garbage about her parents though, and she had never heard them.  So she was crying and upset, and her new mom or Jenni or us were not there to support her.  How terrible.  Thats the kind of stuff I wish I could be there for people.
Soon she will be with the most amazing family EVER!!!!!!!
Now lets pray that I get my licence very very soon, especially since I started my adoption before Anita's.


Calie said...

Ohh man! What's Markie gonna do about his shoes? Actually, how did that happen in the first place?

I am very sorry to hear about Gladys brother. I hope she got there or gets there safely.

Love you