Thursday, July 7, 2011

The girls went bye bye!

Well that was hard.  But we sure had an amazing time together.  When we are all at home together, we don't get that much one on one time with each other.  So I am so thankful. We had a ball, and Dontae could not be more lucky to have such amazing sisters like Matty and Calie. We really did a good job with those two. Everyday they still amaze me with how wonderful human beings they are.  The love they showed us and especially Dontae pulled my heart strings.  They to feel like we do, that God hand picked us to be parents and family for this little guy.  Who just happens to be a SUPER STAR!!!!  and I am not just saying that.  Everywhere we go and I mean everywhere this little tyke is a ROCK STAR.  His personality is priceless. His smile is infectious.  Calie taught him how to do serious baby look on command. When you see that, I think you will  just fall on the ground laughing.
We check Dontae into the hospital on the 10th of July and his operation is the morning of the 11th.  He will be in the hospital for a week to 10 days. There is no place for us to stay so we have to rent something, buy our food, rent a car, plus I don't even know what else will arise.  So if you feel like you could help with expenses for us, we sure could use it.
Fortunately, the airline showed there love to us today and changed our air for nothing.  Last time we changed our flights we had to pay 400.00. So the plan is to board the plane with Dontae on Aug 31st.  Please pray this happens.  Because for some reason the adoption is now going very slow.
Did I happen to say that I miss my girls???????? :'-(