Thursday, August 4, 2011

Good People

First off I want to say I am bummed that I don't have the pictures to post to go along with this blog, but when I can I will post them.
In this journey of ours we have met some outstanding people.  People with hearts so big you wonder why there chests are not deformed.  With all kidding aside I want to tell you about this man and his family.  His name is Ron Lederman.  We met this man two years ago when we brought our youth to Jamaica.  He was there at the same time visiting Sabrina who he had been sponsoring for a few years prior.  LOL Actually I didn't really know if I liked him much when I first met him. (I have never even told him this)  He was a nice guy and all, but there was just something I couldn't put my finger on. Fast forwarding to right this minute, I don't have a clue why I felt that way, because he is one of the people with this amazing heart. We became friends on Facebook and kept in touch.  He had given so much to My Fathers House over the years and to Sabrina.  He has been just a super sponsor for her and to the Kochs.  So when Mark and I moved in to My Fathers House, Ron would call to talk to Sabrina and then we would also talk with him on the phone, and this is where I really started to get to know this man. So when the time came when we had to just leave from there, I knew that Ron needed to know the plan. With all he has done, there was no way we could keep this from him.  So one day when he called I told him what was going to go on.  Of course a zillion questions started coming my way, but I had to assure him that Sabrina was going to be fine and actually she would be going to her fathers home.  So the next time shortly after us moving out, Ron came back to Jamaica and met Sabrina's dad and then he drove to come and visit us.  There was Mark, Jenni, Anita, Felix and myself and Ron bought all of us dinner.  That was a treat in a half, since we were sitting with almost zero money in our pockets.  The next time he came to Jamaica we were moved again up with Jesus for Jamaica.  He then started sponsoring the lunch program for the basic school.  He trusted us enough to know that if we thought Jesus for Jamaica was a legit non profit then that was all he needed to start sponsoring.  So now those children get a hot lunch served to them, all because Ron loves to give and to make a difference in peoples lives.  He then took Mark out on a boat and to lunch at The Pelican Bar.  Ron just recently visited us again.  Actually, he came way out of his way to come and stay with us.  He came again to finish up on some last minute details.  You see Ron has this amazing wife that must trust him with everything in her, because she has never been to Jamaica and she has never met Sabrina.  But she has told her husband that if he wanted to bring Sabrina home with him, then she would be fine with it.  So this last time he was here, it was because he was coming to pick up Sabrina.  And his wife Cheryl has never met her.  Do you see what I am saying,  this is two people with this amazing heart.  He worked his butt off to get a school visa for Sabrina and he was here to take his girl back home to his wife and daughter.  Can you imagine how Sabrina is going to grow leaps and bounds? And what a wonderul wife Cheryl is, to let her husband make all these trips to Jamaica and then allow him to bring home this young woman to live with them for an entire year. Do you trust your husband that much? This time he was here he also took Mark and went to visit Anita, Mark says she is just adorable as usual. but they also got to see Miss Dawn (the cook from MFH) and Lizzy. Miss Dawn lost her job at MFH, and still has not got all the money owed to her from the Kochs.  Anita has now moved in with Miss Dawn until she can go with Miss Denise. An Ron made it possible for Mark to go with hi,  Do you see this heart beginning to leave his body its so big. So as of today, little Miss Sabrina is living with  The Ledermans!!!!! They pay for everysingle little thing for Sabrina during this entire year.  I mean how many people in your life do you know that goes to this kind of measure to make sure that Sabrina is well taken care of at all times. I can honestly say that Mark and I will have Ron in our lives forever.  I want to meet his wife as well.
So there ya have it.
let my story help you into serving and supporting people in Jamaica,  Even better, support Jenni Bushaw as she starts getting ready to come back to Jamaica to intern,


Miss Linda said...

You are so right and blessed to know a man by the name of Ron Lederman. If the world was filled with people like him, we would never need to worry about anything.
He is a blessing to many and I for one am happy that know him.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to say Ron Lederman is my father!!

Mark,Kim Lau said...

You see what I am saying, if a daughter can get on here and say that... then you know what kind of family this is. You are a doll Meghan

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kim (and Linda) for your wonderfully kind words, especially about Sheryl. I love her very much for her sacrifices.