Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Good news

Today Gladys had a woman here giving a class on social marketing.  There was I think 16 people attending, and I had Suzie the cook make top ramine salad with chicken in it for lunch with fried dumplings, I best also include my husband who had to cut up individual almonds, because they don't have sliced almonds here in Jamaica.   LOL Yummy, was it good.  The class was amazing, and very informative.
So now for the good news, two sets of good news actually.  Dontae's Dr. appointment like I said in an earlier post is tomorrow at 7:30 in the morning at the clinic and its 3 hours away, which means leaving at 4am.  Gladys called the Dr. personally told him exactly what I just told you and he said come Monday at 2:00 instead.
WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!! And then he said we can take the stuff off Dontae's hands.  Now that is great news.  Dontae is a happy camper.  The first thing he did was rub his hands and fingers together, it was so cute.  We still need to do the Pedisure, and then hopefully come Monday, baby food and resume.  Oh my goodness there is also another set of  news.  Dontae is officially off the bottle!
Have a blessed day


Denise Johnson said...

Great news about Dontae! I say hold him and rock him as much as possible. If I could do it over again I would hold my children more even if they didn't want to due to the attachement issues. Hold him, rock him, make him feel as safe and secure as you can. I also say let him sleep near you or with you. The safer and secure he feels with you the better it will be for him in the long run. Too bad they do not allow parents to stay at the hospital because that would have been crucial for Dontae. He probably felt abandoned and went into survival mode. We are finding out so much from a good therapist down in Kirkland. We will hook you up when you get back to the states someday. lol God's Blessings! Denise