Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Long Day

Well as I told you, we went a day early, so you would of thought they would of told us what time to be there the next day right? Wrong!  So we went to dinner and then went back to out cute little apartment.  Kristen offered to give us a mattress for Dontae since we didn't bring his crib.  But we said no he could sleep with us. The only thing is that its a double bed and that is small. So he started out in bed and then we made him a cozy bed on the floor with the comforter and pillows.  Worked great! The next morning we had a lazy one then went to get some lunch and buy some grocerys.  After that we went to the hospital.  They looked at us like we had five heads, because I guess we were supposed to be there very early in the morning.  Hmmm why didn't someone tell us that?  It was 3:30 now.  We had to stay until the Dr. came for us to sign paperwork.  That time came at 8:30pm.  Dontae was wonderful for all those hours, he flirted with every woman or girl that he could find.  This woman said hi to him and then turned and walked off, Dontae like started whimpering and almost running to her, she turned around and put out her arms, and we were all saying "OHHHHHH"  right when she bent down to pick him up, he turned around and started running away laughing.  OH MY GOODNESS were we all laughing hard.  So she turned around again and started walking away and he did it again, the same exact thing, actually about 4 more times, the very last time he let her pick him up.  That entire thing was the sweetest thing ever.  Then when the Dr.'s assistant came in Dontae was in the crib and he got up and went right to her, and she said "oh I see you are a people person"  we just giggled because of what happened earlier. This little boy of ours just LOVES women.  Dontae is in the burn unit, because its also plastic surgery, and there is 8 other children in there, and if you saw some of them your heart would just bleed.  But they are all so happy and love playing with each other.  So when it came time to leave Dontae was having fun with one of the older girls who has made herself Dontae's caregiver.  So we kissed him and said Goodnight and said a prayer with him. So I wonder how the night went?  We are on our way to the hospital shortly.
Has everyone out there in this world had pressed coffee before except me?  Wow, I love it... if you haven;t tried it, then you better.


Anonymous said...

Is this surgery to repair Dontae's palate? Will that be the end of the surgery for his mouth/nose?

cheryls life said...

Little Dontae is in my prayers. Good luck to you guys standing by patiently and waiting for that little bugger to come out! He going to do amazing. Children are so resielient. Before you know it he will be batting his eyes and firting again!

Many Blessings! Cheryl. :)