Saturday, July 9, 2011

Back at home

We are back at Button Bay, and it feels good. We are moving into the Seahorse room which is on the main level.  I think it will be so much more convenient for us and Dontae.  Lets just hope the mattress is comfortable.  There is nothing worse for a neck surgery person to have a bad mattress.  Which we had for the last week.  Oh my goodness I was up every couple of hours in pain.  And now we also have a little deck looking out to the sea. You can't beat that. So we came right home and started doing laundry to get all ready to leave again tomorrow at noon for Kingston.  We check Dontae in to the children s hospital for his 7:00AM surgery Monday morning. I still feel very confident in this Dr. and I know Dontae is in Gods hands.  I am just so excited for the little guy that he will be able to eat different foods and everything will quit coming out his nose, his eyes will quit running all the time.
It's kinda late now, and we need some good sleep.  I will keep you posted along the way.