Sunday, July 10, 2011

What a dork

You know after we took Dontae to the hospital and found out we were there a day early, Mark said to me "Well I guess its time to start using a calender again"  LOL  we started talking about when our kids were little and into the teen years, that there was not one place on the calender that wasn't written on.  Being in Jamaica, you don't need a calender, but now with a baby and appointments, the calender must come back.
The apartment we are renting is just darling and the woman we are renting from Kristen is so very nice.  It has everything we need, and if it doesn't Kristen will find it.  So Dontae is with us tonight with NO crib.   LOLOL.  But you know, at the very last second I had this strong feeling to pack more food, well  all I can say is God is Good. So please keep the prayers coming


jen said...

I can relate to the 'not one place on the calender not written on'!God Bless, pray all goes well with Dontae!