Tuesday, August 31, 2010

School Day for Felix

School days will start early around My Fathers House.  This week is just Felix, but next week all the kids will go.  Felix looked so grown up this morning, and when we dropped him off at school, I went in with him and he just started talking up a storm. He is so going to have a good time. We finished getting Marquez all enrolled, and I asked if I could volunteer at the school helping with the kids.  They also have a PTA, that so excites me as well. The only thing that will bother me is how the schools here punish children, I don't know if I could handle seeing much of that. Next we left to go to market to order the ice cream for our sundae party with the kids.  Remember the star sheet for doing good things?  Well the month is over and now is time for the reward. It was kinda funny cause the kids didn't understand why we were having a Sunday party on a Wednesday...LOLOL  But tomorrow is the big day.  Ok then we bought all our vegetables and Sabrina's shoes for school.  When we got back it seemed like it had to be noon, but nooooooooooooo it was not even 10:00 lol.   Came home to find out that Joy lost one of the four puppies, now she is down to three.  I hope the three make it.
Oh the best thing of the entire day is this............... I took up some new school clothes to a friend of Jim and Penies who is hurt his name is yellow, and his children needed school clothes and since yellow is now not working at the moment we got the kids some clothes,  Now thats still not the best part, while I was waiting for the kids to run the clothes up the hill, down comes running, you will never guess???????????  But Solomon!!!!!  Remember hearing his name a lot????? Solomon, Avis and Bobbet????  The family that their house burned down and we built them the house????  Well he saw the van drive up to the school so he was waiting for me to come back down, so when he saw me we gave each other the biggest hug you could ever imagine.  He said he has been waiting and waiting to see us.  He looked at me and said "you and your church made such a huge difference in my life and all that you did for me and my family, that I am now baptized" WHEW HEW!!!!!!!!!  Yes that was me jumping for joy and giving Solomon another big hug.  You see his entire family was saved and believers, and Solomon was not.  But Trinity Lutheran Church youth made a difference in this mans life enough for him to find Christ.  What more can we ask?????  Do you all see why we love what we are doing?  We get to see first hand.
Have another blessed day


Anonymous said...

That was so very exciting, thanks for that. Am anxious to see pictues with names and faces. Mom

Shasta said...

What a fun treat for the kids! Love reading your updates too :)poorba