Sunday, August 8, 2010

Good Sunday Morning

Our dry run went pretty darn good, it was a good thing to do because it brought up some questions. Miss Sandy has left and then it was Myles that went home. Like I said that is going to be the hardest part. Miss Sandy was so loving to the children, Felix and Sheena loved her, and her baking was hm hm good. Myles cracked us up daily, and we have way to many leftovers now that he isn't eating them all up. LOL Friday was a hot one and Miss Penie said "staff meeting in the pool" so hm I thought, this could be nice. Well nice yes, was I thinking at all? I don't think so, Fried once again! Aloe yes, quite a few times. The next day I was not well, I spent almost the entire day in bed, but today the burn is much better, but I am not feeling all that great. So I am glad its a relaxation day. Miss Deb, a Jamaican woman from Toronto came Friday afternoon as an intern for a week, and then a new team is coming on Tuesday along with another woman who will join this team along with Miss Deb. Most of this group is all adults, the youngest is 17 I think. So I will get to take them to the infirmary and the hospital, then I can see Dante (Dontay) I have been praying for him that his surgery went ok. This team will also be helping get all the wood ready for the windows (hurricanes)
Travoy and Sabrina came home from their aunts, boy how we missed them. Ritz comes home on Monday. One month has gone by... Mark and I are in awww.... it seems like maybe a couple of weeks. Keep the praying coming, we need them daily and we are feeling them. Also if there is just one of you that would like to come, that is ok too, we could still use the help. Please make a comment on these entries, that way I know someone is reading. Mark and I look forward to reading what you write. Its not like we are getting any emails or anything. lol Love to all


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your sun-burn. I am so waiting to hear about Dontay also. Do you have your same e-mail as before? Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

yes I have the same email, I am sure glad you leave comments mom, makes it at least seem like someone is reading.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading what you all are doing. It is exciting, just take care of yourself. Happy Birthday Mom.

Anonymous said...

yes it was your birthday, and I didn't say anything, I am sorry. Hope you had a great day.

Shasta said...

Always eading you blog whenever there is a new post ;) One month sure has gone by fast, it seems like! Hugs to you guys!

Anonymous said...

I had a beautiful birthday with my beautiful grand-daughters, thanks.