Thursday, August 19, 2010

Failed attempt

Mark here again.
Two weeks ago, an English woman came by and said she did a live radio show from here in Jamaica that was broadcast in Manchester, England. The station is called Peace FM and their venue focuses on the British black community, many of whom have Jamaican backgrounds. At any rate, she wanted to do an interview with Jim about " My Father's House" because her program is a human events venue from Jamaica. Jim didn't want to do it because he felt he might be too nervous, so he asked if I would do it. Me, being the shy person I am, said "Sure!" So, last night she showed up around dinner time, talked with me about how it should go, asked me some questions to start off with, and spent the night in one of the team dorm beds. Bright and early this morning we got together, after I made omelets for everyone, and she tried getting through to the station for the interview which was to take place via the telly-phone. Well, the other thing that was to be happening this morning was that Kim and I were to take Jim back to Montego Bay today so he could catch the 12:50 flight home. So, this lady, Miss Susie-sue as she's called on the radio, first told us we would begin by 8a.m.. Then it was 9a.m.. Then she couldn't get through to the station. So by 9:15 I'm telling her that we should have left by now and we MUST leave by 9:30 at the latest. She still can't get through by then , so we are frantically getting the heck out of there when I hear her finally on the phone, chewing out the DJ we were trying to get hold of for the interview! So, needless to say, we re-scheduled for next week and got the "H" out of there. Now, we were supposed to make a couple stops on the way, but we really don't have time now and Jim is driving like a bat outa Hell over one of the worst roads on the island. Kim gets carsick on the way and feels like she's gonna toss her cookies. So, we still have to stop and buy chlorine for the pool, get some lunch, and grocery shop for the stuff we didn't get the other day. That all goes real smooth and we get out of Montego bay by about 1:30. Then, on the way back over the mountain , we both remember we need to stop by Kirk's, the mechanic, and drop off $6000 Jamaican for a new headlight housing that broke off last time we were here. So, we stop by Kirk's and have to leave the $$ with Lorena, his neighbor. Not a real comfortable situation, but you gotta do what you gotta do.At this point, Kim has had enough of my driving these roads too, so she drives the rest of the way home. Now Jim might drive a little fast for some people, but Kim drives very slow and still manages to hit most of the potholes dead center. She's gonna hate me for a week for saying that, but she knows I love her and only say these things to be helpful and constructive and show her how honest and and truthful and brave and .......... she's gonna kill me, huh?
I love you, honey!!!.......

You'll probably hear more about this later.
Love and God's peace, Mark.