Tuesday, August 3, 2010

our dry run

Well we had 5 days here alone with the kids. We started a chore chart and a chart for good and bad behavior. Surprisingly, its going pretty darn good. Some kids are just going after the stars, and others do ok. All in all we are very happy on how they are doing. Felix and Sheena rock!!!! We taught them how to sweep moving all the furniture, boy they are almost better then the big kids. Jenni started organizing the library, just in fiction alone there are 500 books. I know crazy huh? But there are some good books. Mark and I cleaned and organized the pantry, that job took about 5-6 hours, but ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh does it look great! Miss Dawn just loved it this morning when she came into work. We went through school clothes with the kids, figuring out what we need to go get for them. (They wear uniforms.) We all went to Petersville on Sunday to go to church. Church here starts at 9:00 and ends like at 2:00. We went at 11:30...LOL next week I think we will go at 12:00 or 12:30, In this heat it was hard for even me to sit. But oh how I love to worship with them, the passion is amazing. Saturday Mark and I went to market, never again will we go on a Saturday, boy we learned our lesson. Crazy, Crazy, Crazy! Tonight I am going to cut Dr. Linda's hair, we are going to barter scuba diving (she is a scuba teacher too)So Mark and I are going to get certified. Heck we have a year, I think we can get that done. :-) Miss Sandy is leaving tomorrow, Myles is leaving on Friday and a new team is arriving on Tuesday. Oh DonnaRea, Marlin and her two kids are moving in tomorrow. They are a jamaican family that will help us with the culture here. So many changes I tell ya. Miss Penie leaves on the 10th, so she won't be here for the last team. Then Jim leaves on the 18th. I think. Then its solo time for us. Please keep the prayers coming our way. Love to all BTW some of you should really take us up on trying to do mission work while we are here, its a great experience for you no matter what age you are. Many Blessings


Anonymous said...

I haVe been gone for a few days and wasn't able to read your up dates. Keep them coming, I love to read about what you are doing. Love you, Mom