Wednesday, September 1, 2010

11:00 PM Wednesday night

I was sound asleep and didn't here Mr. Mark get up, but God was telling him to go down stairs and check on the puppies.  When he did, he noticed that Joy was laying on the nice cold floor and the puppies were on their nice soft bed.  But one puppy was very cold, so Mr. Mark called Joy over and he put the puppy up next to Joy. Joy started licking her and stimulating her, and then she starting drinking her mama's milk.  But then Mr. Mark noticed the puppy stop breathing, and tried to revive her, but sad to say one more puppy died.  So now there are two.  All I can say is if you here God calling you to do something, do it!  I am so happy Markie listened and went down stairs.  I can't imagine the baby dieing and just laying there all night. I just feel so bad for Joy, that she had to give birth to 15 pups and only 2 are alive.  :-(
Ok now on to something fun.... Tonight was the Sundae party the children earned....  We had chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, oreo's, skittles, nuts, whipped cream and cherries. So we got everything together, and called off each child, starting with the least amount of stars working on up.  Felix was first, remember he is 6, but he still earned 3 stars.  Then is jumped up to 6 then 7 then 9, 13 and finally 16 stars.  Have you ever?????  (a Star is earned by doing something over and above what they do normally, they also will earn a star from every 10 check marks,  and you earn a check mark, just by doing your chores or doing something nice for someone, making your bed, picking up the dog poop when its not your chore)  So 13 stars from Ritz and 16 from Anita, blows my mind.  But I will tell you the house is loooooooooookin goooooooooood!!!!!!!  So now we are all talking about next month,  like are we going to do the same thing???? or something different???  We will talk about it tomorrow at the beach.  Long day today, but a fun day tomorrow.  


Shasta said...

Come on puuuuuuupies!! The last two have to make it so they have a playmate ;) I think the stars/checks are a great idea, may have to try that!

Mark,Kim Lau said...

well there are black marks too. And every ten black mark takes away a star. So like back mouthing or just not doing there chores, or hitting his sister for no darn reason. But we also give a punishment along with the black mark if needed, which is usually going to bed an hour early. If its potty mouth they have to clean all the toilets. Etc.

Anonymous said...

Oh I do hope the other 2 puppies make it. Can you keep the mama away from her boy-friend tho??? lol
Sounds like the kids are doing great with this star stuff. Lori is using it for Trinity also, and it is keeping her dry all nite because she gets a star in the morning. Worked at our house last nite. lol Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

well that is fantastic for Trinity girl, I did the same sort of thing with my kids and it worked like a charm as long as you are consistant. As soon as your not, then the chart does not work. And yes we are keeping the boy dog away.