Monday, August 16, 2010

Crossway Church leaves

Wow, another emotional evening. After dinner everyone jumped in the cars to go watch the sunset over the water. I stayed back to frost a birthday cake for Chris who's birthday is today. Wish I would of went because during the sunset he surprised his father and was baptized by Pastor Chris. Now this is a 17th. birthday he will never forget. After worship Pastor Chris made My Fathers House come sit in the middle, while their team said some wonderful things, very encouraging words for each and everyone of us. Like I said, very emotional night. I just feel so blessed to have met these wonderful people. One thing they said was that we made a difference in their life, and that all of us will be remembered always. Its funny you know, we came here to be missionary's, and along the way we are making a difference in Christian American lives too. God is Good! Some of them want to come back while Mark and I are still here. I sure hope they do. We all then shared communion. That was so special. Then we surprised chris with a birthday cake and icecream. What a perfect ending to one awesome week. We made some awesome new friends.
Ok now back to reality... Jim leaves tomorrow with the team. So that means Mark will be driving the truck back from the airport and I the van. Neither one of us has driven that far yet. So I am taking Jenni for my moral support. But then the three of us will get to go to lunch. Keep the prayers coming please, it is going to be a stressful day.


Shasta said...

Hugs Kim! You knew this would be a life changing experience, and now you know it is for others as well ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Shasta

Anonymous said...

Have you told us who Chris is and I forgot??? I just get goose bumps reading about what you are doing. Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Chris was a kid on the team.