Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cool Runnings

The kids have been working hard to go to Cool Runnings,and yesterday was the big day. The bad thing is you can't take food inside, so we packed a lunch and hoped we could go out to the car to eat it. So we get there and find out that they don't open till eleven. So we decide to go to the passport office to see if we can get our stay longer without having to pay anything. So we walk back to the car and find out that the key ring that it supposed to have every single key on it, didn't have a key to unlock the doors of the Locked van. Stressful??? yep just a little, but my lovin husby got us in without hurting anything. So we are driving to the passport place and find out that the lady is sick and won't be in until later. Ok so I guess we will go back to Cool Runnings, and eat before we go in so we won't even have to try to go out later. Well, Well, Well, do you remember what you read yesterday about my driving????(which by the way is completely false)
My lovin husband apparently doesn't know how to go around round a bouts.... LOLOLOL (well at least here) because he drove backwards through the round a bout. Well the person I am, always sing
"WE OOH WE OOH" (like the sound police cars make in england) whenever Mark speeds or whatever. Well everyone started laughing and I was cracking up. Then a few minutes later Mark kinda made a funny noise, so I asked him what the matter was... He said I am getting pulled over by a motorcycle cop. So the cop came up to the car and said "Is this your first time in Nigril?" Mark said yes, and he said "I have seen you here before" Mark said Nope not me. So the cop said "why did you drive the wrong way? you could of caused a bad accident?" So to make a long story short, Mark drove away without a ticket. Whew!!!!!! So lets just say, I may hit a pothole or two by accident, but there is no way I would drive around the round a bout wrong. LOLOLOLOLOLO I love you Honey!!!! Pay backs are no fun!!!!!!!!
Anyway Cool Runnings was fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun, the kids had a great time. Then we went to burger king for dinner. Just a beautiful day.


Shasta said...

Sounds like quite an adventure! You guys keep having some close calls, but all seems to work out in the end, funny how that works :)

Anonymous said...

thats for sure, but the devil isn't going to win. I sure miss you Shasta

Anonymous said...

First chance I've had to read your blog in a couple days. You guys are hysterical. I sure hate the round-a-bout on NW Rd., actually I don't like any of them. Glad he didn't get a ticket.