Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weird day!

Hi, this is Mark posting today. Kim is at the neighbors house visiting, so it's my turn to tell you of the day's events. We left this morning to take the team from Pittsburg to the airport in Montego Bay. We stopped just outside of Whitehouse at the top of this high hill. You could look down over the town and see the beauty of the area and the sea. We all prayed over the town and blessed the residents, fisherman, and children of the community. It was very nice.
We then proceeded on our way. I drove the van and Kim rode shotgun. We had mostly women in the van, and Jim had mostly men in the truck and all the luggage in the back. We get to Montego Bay and stop at the gift shops that Jim and Penie love to take teams to. They are owned by East Indian men and give the teams good deals on things. As we are getting out of the vehicles, Jim noticed the headlight housing on the front of the van is missing. " What happened? Did you hit a pothole?" he asks. We both said "Yeah. A couple of them." Truth of the matter is, the road from Whitehouse to Montego Bay is mostly potholes, water, goats, and crazy friggin' drivers with more guts than brains. Oh, there is some pavement too. It's a real challenge to be able to dodge as many potholes as you can,( many times crossing way over into oncoming traffic)and you have to do this while driving on the left side of the road, steering from the right side of the vehicle, shifting with your left hand, traveling at 35 to 50 mph, watching out for pedestrians everywhere ( no sidewalks), goats, kids, bikes, dogs, and taxis passing you every few minutes." No problem mon."
So, we spend an hour or so shopping and head to the airport and say our good-byes. This time around, Jim is leaving as well and that means Kim and I are now officially in charge of running the orphanage.
Kim happened to see a Wendy's on the way to the airport, so we stopped there for lunch, before going grocery shopping. HAMBURGERS!!! Yeah baby, that's what I'm talkin' about! Real beef and greasy french fries. Yessss! After we eat, we're at the grocery store and find out the credit card we use now hasn't been activated yet and wind up having to pay cash for the groceries. Great! "No problem mon". Then, Jim calls from the airport to say that he couldn't get on that flight since he's on standby, and we better wait around town until 3:00 to see if he gets on the next flight. "No problem mon". So, We find a great little coffee place and sit there for an hour and a half visiting when Jim calls and say's he didn't make that flight either. So, Kim says she'll just start driving back with Jenni, and I should just go pick up Jim and we'll meet back home. I tell her how to get back to the highway we were on and they're on their way." No problem mon". I go and pick Jim up, and we start heading back. We stop along the way for a quick refreshment at this great Jerk chicken place, and about 5 miles from home, the hood pops open and almost breaks the windshield! We pull over and have to beat on the hinge with a hammer to get it to close. We tie it shut and off we go." No problem mon". We finally get home, but Kim and Jenni aren't there. they had a good hour lead on us. Where could they be? So I call Kim's phone and Jenni answers and Kim's laughing in the back ground. Come to find out, they missed their turn and some knot-head local gave them bad directions and they drove all the way to Negril! An hour out of their way! At least it was a beautiful day for a drive. "No problem mon". I love Jamaica. Ok Kim here now, LOL I got a phone call before Mark, from Lisa, friends of Jim and Penies, I talked about them before, well she invited me over to dinner with her and Dr. Linda for a girls night. At first I said I shouldn't go, but I quickly changed my mind after this long day we had. So one of things I have missed the most is beef..... well what did we have for dinner, but stinking pot roast...... oh man..... what a perfect ending to my day. So I look at my watch and see that it is 10:04 pm and Markie locks the house at ten. So I hop in the van turn on the lights and the rear windshield wiper goes on, I am laughing quietly not to make any noise ya know, and I then turn on the front ones, lolol still no lights as I am backing up so Dr. Linda doesn't know that I really can't find the lights. LOLOL Ok well I did finally get it right, and drive home. I get to the house and jump out to get the gate, as I pull in my darling husband comes out to meet me and help me too. What a guy!!!!! Little does he know that the two ladies sent home pot roast and dessert for him. So I get into bed and see that Mark has this entire blog almost done. But I just couldn't let it go without telling my story too. Hmmmm I wonder what tomorrow will bring.


Shasta said...

All's well that ends well!

Khari said...

I just have to say that I love reading your updates Markie and Kimmy! This one especially made me laugh with you both contributing :) Miss you and love you lots! XO