Friday, August 13, 2010


Today was the day that all the teams love.. If you want to see this place look it up on the internet. Mark and I were lucky enough to go with the group today. People from all over the world go to Y S Falls. The falls, are so beautiful, the zip line going over the falls, the natural spring pool, and the river raft ride. Today John, Christina, Mark and I decided to float down the river right off the bat. It was so much fun and beautiful. We walked around and took pictures, but when Christina was taking pictures with her Cannon Rebel..... OMGOSH, made our pictures look sick. LOL and it is so much more fun to scrapbook pictures that are good (don't you know) lol. (Shasta sure knows that) I will post the humming bird pictures she took when I get them, Man oh Man. So now tonight is Jim's Jerk Chicken on the BBQ, everyone is excited for dinner. I hope all of you are having a wonderful day. Look around and thank our God for life and for his son dieing on the cross for our sins, and to think that heaven is going to be "Heaven"
How awesome is that?


Anonymous said...

Brave soul, glad you made it back in one piece. lol Mom

Anonymous said...

Am looking forward to pics!! Thanks for being you!! bb

Shasta said...

I would love to see pics too! I have heard great things about those cameras ;)