Saturday, August 28, 2010

Anita turns 12

Lets go back a few days first. Mark and I decided to get a bed all ready for Joy (German shepherd who is about ready to have puppy's) We have been really trying for Joy to trust us, so she will feel comfortable having her pups. So we have a really nice bed for her and her own water dish back in the game room, and all through the day we fill up more water and offer it to her, which she drinks almost every time. She is getting so big, she can hardly go up any stairs, so we figure she is going to have her puppy's this month sometime and not the end of September as anticipated. Now she is sleeping outside our door every night, and we sleep up stairs. So that tells us that she is trusting us. That makes us feel so much better because the last time she had pups the only person she would let near her was Jim. So we feel ready for the big day. So yesterday while I took four of the kids to town to get their passport pictures re done, the three boys left at home with Jenni, made Anita's birthday cake. So we got the pictures done, check.... we go to the bookstore to get three math sets, check...we go to Pharmacy to check out hair cream, check... the only thing was, a little attitude from a couple of the kids, to the point where I just said, I am not getting anything today, and told them I would be in the car. So when we got home I called a meeting, just to help the kids understand why things happened the way they did in the store. So the attitude starts back in and Anita yells "well you were driving away leaving us" Well if anyone knows me, then they know I don't lie, so that statement really paturbed me, so I turned to Sharikie and said "is that true" (because he was sitting in the car the entire time) he decided to say "I am not going to get in the middle of it" (wow felt like a knife to the heart) I told Anita I would never leave them any where, and I went to my room. So lets say crappy ending to a really good day.
So then today, I get up and there are homemade cinnamon rolls made for breakfast, what a treat, Jenni and Sabrina made them.. YUM!!!! so after breakfast, we all load up in the van and drive to Negril to a place called Chances. OH MY GOODNESS, I always thought Maui was beautiful, but this beach and water were incredible. So we stayed there until about three and went to Rick's cafe, where they have cliff diving. Felix and I were the first to go, and then I couldn't stop him, he must of jumped fifteen times. LOL We came home had dinner, then cake and presents. What a wonderful awesome day, a great birthday for Anita. So now we are locking up the house and I notice Joy is know where to be found, so all of us are looking everywhere for her. Low and behold Mark finds here in some rocks up against the house. There are two babies and one is already dead, so we are frantically thinking of how to get Joy comfortable. So we get her bed from the game room and bring it down. Mark picks up the one baby and puts it in a bin with a towel. Joy gets up and we all follow into the game room, she lays down on her bed. Whew we did it!!!!! So now an hour has gone by and no more pups, but we know there are more in tummy. So we decide we will set our alarm clock for every hour and check on her. Now everyone is in bed, and Nark and I hear some noises, so we go downstairs and now there are two puppies, Mark asks me to get him some water, which I did, but when I got back from getting his drink, there was a third puppy. (wow I just fell asleep writing this and scared myself awake, lol) So mark just got back from checking and there seems to maybe be one more baby, so I am setting the alarm clock. Mark and I are doing breakfast, so we need to sleep.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lololol I just fell asleep again and I guess my finger was on the A's. lolol. Its 1:18 and I hear the dogs, better check. I will try to post pictures. Night all, sweet dream


Anonymous said...

What kind of puppies??? Do the kids get to take care of them? Happy Birthday to Anita. You need to post pictures with names of the children so we know who you are talking about. Who is Felix? Love you. Mom

Anonymous said...

pure bread German shepherds. Mark took a video of all the kids so we can introduce them all to everyone who reads our blog. And Felix is the youngest boy who is 6.