Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer School

Today has been a fantastic day. It was the start of summer school. We are doing this to get all the kids ready for school to start in a couple weeks. Miss Jenni is a natural, thats all I can say about that. She had everyone sit at the tables and she wrote questions on the white board, when I child got it right she threw them a dum dum (sucker). I think you can see how good that worked. Of course all the kids wanted to earn them. Then she was teaching them all the bones of the body and the muscles, she made it fun. The children were very fast learners. It was so fun to watch. I even yelled out an answer. lolol She even was having the kids read out loud. Lets just say I really am blessed to have her here. Jenni you Rock!!!!! After school I put a couple of games together from the television program Minute to win it.... First one was putting 12 Styrofoam cups on a table, you give the person a balloon that they blow up and then they use the air from balloon to blow the cups on to the floor. They have to do it in 60 secs. Ritz did it in 8 seconds. That was crazy. Second one, I put three cups on the table and gave the person 12 unused pencils that they had to bound off the table into the cup. Hard one that is, but most of them did it. The last one, I had all the kids lay on the ground and I put a cookie on their forehead, they had to move their face and do whatever they could without touching it, try and get it down into their mouth. Anita, Ritz and Sherakei all did it. That was soooooooo funny. The girls didn't like the pencil game (except for Donnaree, she got 5 into the cups), but I won them back with the cookie game. So all in all, this was a darn good day. Anita then made a banana cake for tonight, everyone is excited about that. Tomorrow is another day, and I am certain its going to beat today. I am beginning to worry a little of how I am going to feel when I leave here next July. :-(
Have a blessed day.


Anonymous said...

Where do they go to school when it starts??? You definitely will miss it when you leave. Maybe you can stay longer. How about Dontay??love you, Mom
PS Jenni does sound like a natural.