Monday, August 30, 2010

The joy's of Joy.

So, It's Mark posting tonight. Hi. I'm feeling rested now, but we had another long day. I drove Kim and Jenni to Savanna La Mar today and we went shopping for lot's of stuff. Uniform things for the kid's starting school, tick stuff for the dog's, and groceries for the house. We were waiting at the uniform place and a Rastafarian guy named Roy started visiting with us. We asked him if he new where to get stuff for the dog's ticks, so he walked us down the street a place that sold the stuff and told us all about treating dogs. He had raised quite a few apparently. Then we asked if he knew where we could get "pretties" for the girl's hair, and he walked us a little further down the road to a beauty supply place, and we got those. Great guy! We told him he should be a tour guide. We gave him a few bucks and told him "God Bless" and he was very grateful as well.
We didn't get out of 'Sav' until 5:30 and took the hour drive home, only to find that Joy had lost one of the puppies during the day. The poor little thing was still in the pen since she won't let anyone but me near her. So, I had the displeasure of removing yet another dead puppy from her and putting it in a plastic bag for burial tomorrow. I hope the remaining four do well and I can post some pictures soon.
The cat that came back the other day seems to be gone again, but if she is indeed pregnant, we may see her again soon. Won't THAT be fun! I guess I can't say; " I don't know nothin' about birthin' no babies Miss Scarlet!" anymore.
I guess it rained here like crazy today while we were gone. Part of Hurricane Earl going by. I'll spend part of tomorrow getting more prepared for Hurricane season. Plus, one of the washing machines pooped out today, so I gotta try and fix that. And we are having a fumigator guy come by tomorrow to give us a guesstimate on ridding the house of our tick infestation. Oh, and I need to fix the lock on the refrigerator so the kid's will stop taking stuff at night. I need to fix the window shutters, window screens, the front tire on the truck, put up the bat screens, make some screen doors, color code the new locks on the closets............ I'm looking forward to us taking this next weekend off, for some reason.
I'm gonna try posting some video. I hope this works!
See ya and God Bless!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the up-date. Exactly when is the hurricane season??? When is the best time as far as weather to visit???

Do the ticks affect you as well as the animals?

Sounds like you have more than enough to keep you busy, good thing you are a man of all trades, with a heart of gold.

bye for now, Mom M

Kim said...

hurricane season is now through November sometime. Yes to the ticks, so we are working on that right now. When are the two of you thinking of coming?