Friday, July 30, 2010

To Our Trinity Lutheran Church Family

This is a shout out to any adults that would like to come to "My Fathers House" for a week, to help with different things around this home. We would also go out into the community and visit, and even have a fun day or two. The cost to you is $450.00 for the week plus your airfare. You will get to experience real Jamaican food, see their culture, see another country that God so beautifully made. Oh and hang with Markie, Jenni and I. :-) We so would love to get a group of you to come. Many hands make light work. We are wanting to paint the kitchen, make a couple cupboards, etc. We were hoping to have a group like in January when its snow in Bellingham, but we could take you sooner as well. What do you think? Make a comment on this blog if you are interested please, so I can start planning for you. Thank you for considering.
God's Blessings