Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Two week check up by phone

14 days have gone by since my surgery, seems so strange that I have already had it.
Yesterday and this morning, have not been the best days. The thought of one more premier chocolate protein shake makes me just gag. Greek yogurt, just not digging it right now. Broth, or soup UGH!! Every single thing I think of I am making myself sick. However I have to eat, food fuels the body, and I can only take in so much that it needs to be protein. So this was Monday yesterday, and I broke the rules. And I am NOT a rule breaker, lolol But I couldn't take it anymore. So I scrambled up two eggs with cheese, I sat down and slowly took baby bites, chewing it up really well, waiting in between bites to make sure it wasn't going to come back up or make me deadly sick.
 HOLY BUCKETS do you know how freaking good those were? WOW, its crazy just two weeks without reg. food and you forget how yummy it is. I was able to get down about 1 egg, and all went well. Dontae finished them for me.
Later in the day the Nutritionist called me for my two week check up. It was so so great to talk to her. I had already been graduated to purred food, and was supposed to stay there until Thursday. See the rebel I am.....
Anyway I told her that I was actually hungry (I have not been hungry yet) She said that means I am ready to move to soft foods. SCREAM, YELL, DANCE IF I COULD. I calmly said "what".           She had no idea that I was going crazy on the inside. But she said I am ahead of the game, my body is doing really well. Whew!!!!!!!! I got away with the scrambled eggs. Actually that was a stupid thing for me to do, because I could of got really sick, and that kind of sick is off the charts terrible. So Thank you God for allowing me pure bliss with those eggs.
Need to be taking certain vitamins daily, I will need to do this the rest of my life. But I can now have hamburger, cheese, ritz crackers, saltine crackers, tuna, salmon, any fish potato's veggies. Need to be very careful with pasta. Sometimes one bite of pasta will swell up in tummy to like 3 bites, and then by the time I would feel that, I would already be into whats called "dumping" I already told you about that lovely thing. So lets just say today was a much better day as far as food goes. To give you an example of how much I can actually eat. At lunch I ate 1 heaping tablespoon of tuna on saltines. That took about a good 1/2 hour. lol If you are wondering why I didn't put it on bread since that is a soft food, is because when you chew bread up mixed with saliva and food, it sits in your tummy like a ball, until your enzymes work to break it up. The only thing is my tummy isn't much of a tummy, so the enzymes can't work fast enough to break it down before it wants to digest. And then the "dumping" would set it. So crackers it was.
So food selection is going so much better, She told me the first month is the hardest. Glad to hear that.
She told me to remember, I still just had surgery two weeks ago, my body is going to be tired, and I need to listen to it. I sure did appreciate everything she told me on the phone, I needed to hear all of it. Just perfect timing. Eviva, is an amazing place.