Sunday, November 13, 2016


Not to happy with my technical skills. I made a video to catch you all up because I am preparing for my surgery, and I thought it would be much faster. Well it won't post. Of course it won't lolol. Soooo
I will catch you up. Two weeks prior to my surgery I need to be on a low carb diet no more then 40 grams a day for a full two weeks. Some of you I am sure do this type of diet already, but I found 40 grams to not to be very much. I also did not realize what all has carbs in it. So that was an eye opener for me. So I stuck with protein.  Tonight was the last night of my two weeks and I did great. The reason for the low carb diet is because when they go in, they need to move my liver out of the way, they said kinda flip it up, so they can continue to cut out my stomach. So the low carbs shrink the liver. IKR!!!!!! LOL maybe all of you knew that already, but I am learning new things right and left. 
With the liver shrunk, it guarantees that they can do the entire surgery laposcopically. Spelled wrong again, I think I will have to learn to spell this darn word. 
Tonight ALL food stopped at 6:00PM, all liquids stop at midnight. Tomorrow morning at 6:30AM I need to take a pill that cost me $102.00.  It just happens to be a pill that chemo patients take for nausea. I asked them if there was a cheaper pill, and they said this certain pill is the one they want me to have, because it takes away the severe nausea that I guess people get right after surgery. I may not get it, but I also don't want to find out. Could you imagine being sick and throwing up after that surgery. Oh hell no. 
We will head down to Edmonds tomorrow about 6:45AM I believe my surgery is at 8:45AM.
Oh one of the instructions was to CLEAN out your belly button. LMAO... What?????? They told me that the one incision is right close to the belly button, and they don't want whatever is in there to cause an infection. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Yes I am still laughing about it.  Who doesn't clean out their belly button? Well I guess if you have an outie you wouldn't have too. Cause there was the day that I did have an outie. LOL But not anymore, so yes I clean it. And yes it will be sparkly for the nurses tomorrow.  I just don't know why that cracks me up.
I will spend one night. If I didn't have a C Pap machine then I would of came right home, and it would of saved me $1200.00 from my bank account. Oh well, better safe then sorry. And heck they told me that I would probably be off the C Pap with in two months.  Whoo Yaw!!!!!!
Markie will stay in a near by hotel and be back to pick me up at 5:00AM. They tell me my first ounce of water to drink after surgery could take two hours. You see its stuff like that, that they have you see a physiologist for so many visits, and  will encourage me to see one after. Which I believe is very important. You really need to learn skills to get you through some of the things I will be experiencing.
Yes, I have been through many steps to get to this day, I have learned so much and so much about myself. That I couldn't be more thrilled that my day has come. I have been praying about this for so long that I am not worried one bit, I am not scared, I am only excited to begin my new future. One that can do more with Dontae and go more places with Dontae and will be able to go on walks again. My dreams are endless. I want to be around for my Boo for all long as God grants me.
Ok, my friends, please pray for my Dr. to have God lead him every step of the way during my surgery, and pray that I will have little pain, no nausea and that everything will go perfect. 
Just so ya know, it is ok to leave comments.