Saturday, November 19, 2016

November 18th is the forth day after surgery

I am trying to play catch up because today is actually the 6th. day after surgery, but I need to go back and explain then it will all make sense.
Remember on the last blog I was saying how good I felt, well today all I do is sleep and drink these two beauties.
However, you have to remember that I can't be like everyone else and just pick this puppy up and gulp it down, even when Im so thirsty. This is what I have to use.
You know these things especially if you had or have children. The only difference is I have to squeeze it together and tighten my lips around it, while I take a sip as not to let any air in while I drink. The only way I can do this so it doesn't hurt me is to drink this amount in three sips, So you can see how long it takes to get 8 oz. down.
After every sip I have to wait a few while my stomach on up to throat area do there gurgling and everything went down good. If I take too big of a sip you can had terrible heart burn to the list.
After Dontae and I take a nap, I will finish up to today.