Tuesday, November 15, 2016


 DISCLAIMER,,,, I am on pain meds, just remember that when you are reading this.LOL

So what I said in my last post of eating only 40grams of Carbs per day, to shrink my liver.
Come to find out I lost 6lbs. So I can say I was stoked . Then they put me in a little gown and did a workup on me.

Eviva Cener,  it is like no other.  The first time walking through the door, I  knew this was the place,
I walked into Eviva, they treat me so nice. My name was called and back I went to get ready for my surgery. I had been told many times with putting a tube down my throat and two more going to my stomach, I would endure pain, but because of my hernia it might just hurt the same or more. That I would have a terrible sore throat and hardly be able to swallow, even an ounce of water. I had been preparing for this for a long time.  After surgery, my throat was so horse I was so parched, so they gave me a sip of water and could hear my voice getting back to normal.Well, just as I was done drinking the little ounce of water I noticed my throat did not hurt one bit. Oh boy, talk about being so so happy, Cause that's the worst.
  In to bed I went, which is my recliner, I won't be able to be lying down for some time. We are keeping my pain under control, I am walking laps up and down the hallway. not to mention sleeping a lot.I am sure when the anestthetic  wears off ,and I am only on pain meds, that I will feel different and possibly in more pain..
Now look what my special nurse gave me,