Wednesday, November 23, 2016

My First Checkup after Surgery

Today was my 9 day checkup after surgery. Eviva is such a wonderful place. They just moved into a new place, right under Scotty Browns. Right now they are only open on Wednesdays, because all of their staff drive from Edmonds. But that will be changing. But its been working for me, to be able to have most of my appointments here and only a few in Edmonds. Any hoo great great place, great people and extremely educational.
Ok I kinda went off what I was talking about. With today being my Dr. appointment 9 days after surgery. So you remember the two weeks before surgery I needed to be on a low carb diet right? And I lost 6 lbs. So today I step on the  scale and I lost 13 lbs in 9 days, added to my 6 that's 19 lbs.
What the What!!!!!!!!
Please don't think, (well anyone can do that if they had surgery) Because I will tell you right now, it is a complete life changer. Nothing will ever be like before again. Yes it is nice to never be hungry, No its terrible if you don't get enough protein in your body and now your feeling sick. It sucks actually when you are so thirsty that all you want to do is throw back a bottle of water. Well good luck with that pal, its going to come up faster then it went down, or you drink your drink too fast not letting it settle in properly, then you become extremely sick. Will have to add protein powder to my foods for the rest of my life probably. Prolly never will be able to have bread or rolls again. There is so much more, that I learn daily of how to change my  life.
But the reason why I did this was because of my son Dontae. God picked me to be his Mama, that means something to me. I need to be here for him. Here is who God gave me.


Dolores Silva said...

So awesome, but don't give up hope yet on the occasional roll or sandwich. I have two folks at wirk one, 18 months post Sleeve and the other 2 and a half years post sleeve, both eat sandwiches and an occasional nearly flat diet pop. So there is hope- just probably not soon

Kim Lau said...

well well, I would like to think that I could maybe eat a sandwich one day.