Friday, November 25, 2016


 So getting ready for Thanksgiving I go to get dressed. I was going to dress below casual cause I was afraid clothes would rub on my incisions. So I put on my one pair of whatever they are called on,
(not sweats, but not yoga pants) And holy buckets couldn't wear those, so I put on a size smaller pair that I bought for this time but forgot to wash them and they were way to long,  Whooo Yawww
 they fit, just to long. Now what? Well I had bought one more pair of cute black jeans one size smaller, I thought I would just try them on even though I wasn't going to wear them. Never thought in a million years that they would fit yet. Holy cow, I almost threw up. They fit!!! So did I wear them? Heck ya!  Could anyone tell, other then my Markie NO, but you know what? that didn't matter one bit, because I knew.  You see I could diet on my own and get down this much weight, but that was without exercising. You read all my blogs so I don't need to tell you why again, so consequently it would come right back, and also just a little more. Never ending. 
But this time in those pants, I know for a pure fact that I will grow out of those pants just like every stinking other time in my life, only because they were to big, not because I gained the weight back. 
I just Thank God 100 times a day that I was able to make this work, so Markie and I will be around for Dontae for a long long many more years, because I will be healthy.                             
And today it just so happened that on Turkey day my ALL liquid diet was now pureed. So my dinner consisted of 1 tablespoon mashed potatoes, and sugar free jello with a little whipped cream. Oh and a tiny bit of squash. I couldn't tell you how darn excited I was.  The kicker was when I put that first bite of mashed potatoes in my mouth, I just about freaking jumped to the roof. The taste LOL was so incredible. I could taste every single little taste in that potato. 
Actually it was kinda strange, but oh was it good. So for lunch today, I experienced the same thing, 
All in  All  I had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Dolores Silva said...

At Thanksgiving I was asked, is that all you are going to eat? And I said, "this healthy appropriate amount of food?- yes this is all I am going to eat." :)
Just wait until after surgery- lol
I had turkey and gravey with 1/2 green beans. Funny- but I was completely satisfied

Kim Lau said...

yes just wait till afterward, the table spoon amount you eat will really raise questions.