Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Lets talk to my Doctor

My Doctor told me that I would be a great candidate for the Bariatric Sleeve. She also told me that they have a ton of pre rec's but my insurance would also cover it. "What you talking about Willis"?
This is something I had never thought of. She went on to tell me that ALL my appointments would be down in Seattle at the University of Washington and also the surgery. That I needed to see a physical therapist for 12 visits, a psychologist for 12 visits a dietician for 12 visits, be weighed every week and to loose 20 lbs. Had to have a huge panel of blood work done, an EKG, an upper endoscopy, a online class and a sleep study.
There probably was more, but I can't remember. She said I had to dot every I and cross every T perfectly or my insurance would not cover any of it.  Ok, that makes total sense to me. They want to make sure that I am a person is completely on board with this entire new lifestyle.
Now off onto my new journey. I did everything that was required of me and I was just at the point of going to Seattle to meet my surgeon for surgery, when I get a letter from my insurance company telling me that my insurance is running out and I need to pick a different one.
Easier said then done. Every State is different, but in Washington State, unless you are with  insurance from your work, bariatric surgery is NOT covered. "NOT COVERED"!!!!!!!!!! "WTH"