Saturday, November 19, 2016

It is also my 16th Anniversary today

So  yesterday being a hard day for a couple of reasons, It seems every time I get to a good place in my day when drinking water is going very good, the gas is going good, the coughing thingy is going well to. Today and everyday is a NEW day a new Beginning!

What I mean by that is, today HEART BURN, heart burn, did I say heart BURN? Holy buckets!
I don't get heart burn very often, so to me I thought I was going drop dead. LOL It hurt when I just breathed, it hurt when I smiled and it really hurt when I had to drink. Not to mention the wanting to sleep every minute  of every day. And that I am chalking up to pain killers. So after about three
 Gas X, a couple of Omeprazole and tums and as of right this second I am good. Thank you God, cause boy did that hurt.
I am now eating and have been for a couple of days, but only liquids like chicken broth,tomato soup, greek yogurt, sugar free chocolate pudding, sugar free jello. But I have to use a baby spoon. If I was to use a reg. teaspoon that would probably make it come right back up. It takes quite some time to get a half a cup of soup down.
With Gods help I will get there, and I couldn't be more excited.
Ok now comes another embarrassing picture, But I don't have a good enough mirror to see myself so  Markie has to take a picture. The first one is one you have seen already, the second is 5 days later.
I am bruising more now, but part of my stomach has already gone down a bit.

I know the second picture actually looks bigger when you glance at it, but thats because Markie was closer then the first one. But Look at the first picture at the belly button, do you see the wave of fat that goes across under my belly button? Now look at second picture, that wave is not so pronounced.
It might seem like nothing to you, but for someone who needed this for years is over joyed.


Dolores Silva said...

Oh, I totally see the difference!! You are doing great!!

Kim Lau said...

thank you friend