Thursday, November 10, 2016

Now What?

All the work I have done, all the preparation just to be told "its not happening". Then I remember a conversation I had with a friend who told me that she was not going through the insurance because of too many hoops to jump through. So she decided to self pay.
 On the internet I go to educate myself even more.
This is when I found Eviva  (formally Puget Sound Bariatric), They even have an office in Bellingham. Wooo Hoooo!!! This is where a beautiful relationship begins. So I take my information that I  have learned to my husband.  I told him a lot of things and then told him the price of the bariatric sleeve, $17,000.00.  And the most beautiful husband in the world said to me
"Honey you can't put a price tag on your health, well being and quality of life."  All I could do at that moment is look at him. Because as bad as I want this surgery taking money from my family just seemed so selfish. He held out his arms for a hug. Well needless to say I melted. Because if I, for one second would of felt from him that this would be a hardship, I would of shut down this conversation faster then how I started it.  We don't have a car payment, so this is my car payment. LOL
Ok, lets jump ahead. Since I had done ALL the requirements with the UW, my situation was a little different as well, but Eviva was so compassionate, understanding and professional, they were able to all my pre rec's from the UW. I had to have a couple more blood tests, and a bod pod. (look up bod pod, very cool)
After everything checked out, I finally get my surgery date. Its been almost a year since starting this, and now its here. 
I am posting a picture of exactly what is being done. It is all done laprascopically (I know that is spelled wrong) so recovery time is only resting for one week. However, in doing my upper endoscopy, they found I have a hiatal hernia.  They need to fix this during surgery, so my pain level is going to be mostly from this, and might add on a little more recovery time. But the Dr. said my age has some to do with it. I just think it sounds crazy, how all this works.
So once that is taken care of, they will be cutting out most of my stomach, they staple the remaining stomach closed. Then they pull out my stomach through one of the small incisions on my tummy. IKR!!!!! My tummy will now be the size of a banana. 
This now will be my new reality for the rest of my life.