Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Day three ,

This is the blog that I will show one embarrassing picture of myself. But not until I write my post.
Today is the hardest for me as of right now. Pain wise... Some questions you might want to be asking is, "how can you survive on a clear liquid diet?" Well you can for a couple of days, I probably could go for  days because I haven't felt hungry yet. The last time I ate was 5:30pm on the 13th.
The other thing I want to tell you is the anesthesia is completely worn off , so I am relying on pain meds  Oxy every 6 hours and Valium a hour before or after, Tylenol. Part of the reason that I am in the pain I am into today, Is hubby forgot to set his alarm to give me my night time meds, so when I woke up this morning. HOLY COW was I in pain. Even the shoulder pain they said I would have but haven't. So slowly but surely we are getting me caught up. The nurse just called and told me to keep the pain more under control is to take the oxy every two hours. The only thing with that is, I would be sleeping even more then I do now. and I wouldn't be getting any exercise. So I am going to play that one by ear for now.
Have to tell you what a wonderful husband I have, there is no way I could be doing this without him. After I ate my Popsicle, a few minutes later he brought me my tooth brush with tooth paste on it and water and a towel. He knew that I just couldn't get to the bathroom as of yet. And the fact that he probably couldn't stand looking at my red teeth for the Popsicle. lol
Now all of you reading this, I am going so far out of my comfort zone, that I am amazed I can even post this picture. I am because I have already had a couple of people reach out to me about there life, and want to talk to someone that is going through the same thing or just thinking about.
Here goes. No worries, the bottom let is not infected, just a good size bruise. That is the one that bothers me the worse, because that is the one they pulled my stomach through.


Dolores Silva said...

How is your nausea?

Kelly Johnson said...

You are so brave!

Kim Lau said...

Dee, I have had zero nausea.
Kelly, I am not so sure I am brave, maybe very stupid. But all I wan from this is for me to be able to help somone.