Monday, September 5, 2011


After we got to Tim and Lynda's house, we were just exhausted.  It felt like a mac truck was lifted from our shoulders. At least we got the fingerprints done correctly. I almost instantly got a headache and Markie's cold turned into him just being sick.  Sick like not get out of bed sick. But by the second day Mark was starting to feel better. We made the call to Homeland security to see if they excepted our prints, and the lady was out to lunch.  I asked for her to call me, but I wasn't holding my breath because it was a Friday with a long weekend attached.  But she called back and said that she approved the prints and passed it on to the next person that has to officially approve our adoption. So we are almost positive that flying to Florida to get our prints done worked.  Thank you Mom and Dad Lau for buying our airfare. And thank you to Tim and Lynda for putting us up for the days we needed to be in Florida.  You both were a grand host and hostess.  You spoiled us with wonderful meals. Thank you to all four of you, this wouldn't of happened without your help.  We appreciate you so much.
Hopefully tomorrow we will get the official word.