Thursday, September 29, 2011

Productive Day

Yesterday was a bust, with a migraine, but there wasn't much for us to do with anything as it was.  Two days ago we went to the Embassy to drop off the two papers we needed, and they would not deliver them for us, they told us we had to come back on Thursday, now can you believe that?  He said the first shift might of made and exception but they weren't.  Man!  all I wanted was for Homeland Security to get the papers and have time to look at them before we got there on Thursday, bu no such luck.  But now today, much better day.  We get to the Embassy and there is about 20 people ahead of us and about that many came in after us.  The man that works there pointed at me handed me a number and said "here I remember you from the other day"   WOOOHOOOOOO!  So now we are first.  The lady sitting next to us took a liking to Dontae and asked our story, she leaned forward looked right at Dontae and said "no worries Jesus is in control today"  of which we answered "Yes he is!" ( I think this lady was our angel)  Just then #600 was called, we walked in to a "Good Afternoon Mrs. Lau" That was nice.  She looked at our papers and said perfect. she could NOT understand why the guards would not deliver our papers.  She told us straight out that we would not be flying home on the 4th.  :-(  but deep down we already knew that.  I said to her that I have a convention on the 28th.  (Woman of Faith)  Just then Dontae was fussing, so Mark took him out of the stroller sat him up to the window, and showed her his foot.  He told her our concerns of his toes starting to spread, and he is starting to trip and fall. So then she said I am going to try something, go sit out in the lobby until I call you.  About a hour went by and we were called in, she told me to write a letter about his foot, my convention and then turn it back in to her.  I did that, she told me this judicature runs strictly by the books but that she would read the letter. So OK! I should know something tomorrow.  I may not know the exact date, but I will know if its going to all happen in Oct. LOLOL
Our Angel in the waiting area was right, and it felt so good to be reminded of this from a complete stranger. That is just one of the beauties of Jamaica, everyone openly talks about Christ and their faith, and does NOT have a problem telling you.  I just love the people here.