Wednesday, September 21, 2011


As we got here yesterday we went right to Child Development Agency and picked up all the papers we needed to go and get Dontae's passport.  It went so smooth, we met some wonderful people who just fell in love with our Boo.  (he is such a flirt with Jamaican women) so we left there and went right over to the Immigration office. Had to go under a tent outside and stand in line to show my paperwork, once they did that they gave me a number to go inside.  As I went inside the lady took my number and told me to stand in this other line, this lady then looked at all the paperwork and then copied them off and gave me another number. She told me to take a seat and wait for my number to be called.  That took about 10 minutes.  Number 171 and up I went, she asked me when I would like to get his passport, I told her the next day and she said that would cost me 4500.00J, Which is about 50.00 US.  So I went over to the cashier who asked me where I was from, and he said he has been to Washington State, I thought that was cool and asked him where from,  he said Yelm.  I started laughing and laughing, and he started asking me why I was laughing,  I just said I was expecting you to say something like Seattle, not YEELLM.  LOL  Thank God he found the humor in that.  So I paid him the money and I went back to the car.  When I said everything went so smooth, I really meant it, because Mark and I were talking about our very first time we came to Kingston when we were at My Fathers House and we were here trying to get Mark a work permit.  OH MY GOSH......  It was a night mare. So we had a wonderful experience this time. We were so excited that we went out to dinner.  Something I was so looking forward to, since eating toast, cereal, cup o noodle for over a week now.
Now today, we went to look for a umbrella stroller for the trip home, since its not so bulky.  The stroller we have here, we will donate to Jesus for Jamaica, along with the pack and play and the highchair. We also got Dontae a pair of shoes for the trip home to the cold.  :-) then I walked across the street to the immigration building and picked up Dontae's passssssssssssssssssssssport...........  yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!! Now tomorrow we are going to go to the Embassy and see what we can do.
Ya know, I think back to the beginning of this adoption journey and I get so upset with myself, because I depended on the Jamaican people to tell me what to do and when to do it.  That was my first mistake.  As nice as they all are and the many many friends I have met in this adoption process, they sure don't have a good, hard work ethic.  I really don't think they even know they are not just doing the best job ever.  I will give you an example.  I called back our lady at CDA who is working on our case and asked her one last time, "are you really actually waiting for an application form?" She said "no"  that she sent it in already to Kingston, they needed to sign it and send it back, then we could have it and get the passport.  But they have had it for over a month, and I have been calling and calling trying to get Ms. Brown to do something about it.  She even went as far to tell me it was on its way.  So I told her to find out where it is and call me right back. I had asked her if I could just pick it up in Kingston, instead of loosing a day while they courier it back to Sav.  She told me no they will not do that. But this time I decided to call myself as well.  I talked to Claudia, who was a Blessing to me.  She also thought they would make an exception. She called me back later and Yes they would make an exception.  And this was one of the people we got to meet yesterday.  I gave her a hug and thanked her for helping us with this, and that we appreciated her going the extra mile for us.  So if I would not of called on my own, we would be coming to Kingston today. So in the future,  when I think I am not educated enough on a certain subject (this one being adoption) I will never rely on someone else.  EVER!!!!
If tomorrow goes as well, then we will be on that plane headed for home.  Prayers are needed.