Friday, September 9, 2011

A new home away from home...

We were living at Button Bay Beach Getaway in Treasure Beach Jamaica, which we call a "home away from home"  but as of yesterday we are now away from home.  We have moved once again back to Whitehouse Westmorland for the last part of our adoption.  While we were in Florida getting our finger prints done, we both realized a couple of things. One being we miss the mission work terribly, we miss church, and everything that goes along with it. And we both realized that we need to be focused 100% on our new son, and do everything in our power to get this adoption final, and we were just to far away from the things we needed to get done.  Just to get to the airport and home from Treasure Beach cost us $240.00US.  The taxi here cost $70.00. So now it should be not so stressful, when it comes to money.
Its funny how we thought we wanted to buy into Button Bay and live there and run it. Now God on the other hand thought differently. He told us what he wants us to do.  Now if we can just make it happen.
I can tell you we miss our home at Button Bay, and we really miss Gladys and William.  They have become a second family to us and Dontae.  Gladys even hired a nanny for us, while we had to make the trip to the states.  Not very many people would just do that for someone.  I miss the sound of the ocean, I miss their company, I miss the good food Suzie made, I miss the beautiful property and the feeling of home.  And I miss the guests. But this was a move that we really needed to do for Dontae.  We have been in Jamaica for 14 months now, and really not sure how much longer we will be here.  One thing I will say is, we are going to  MISS it here. And MISS Gladys and William, Linda Botkin, Marlon and Donaree and children, Bobbet and Soloman.  Oh gosh everyone.
Miss Denise got her appointment for Anita's interview at the Embassy.  So that adoption is almost done. PTL
Now Anita has a real family that will love her unconditionally
Please pray for all of us through these last steps of our journey.
God Bless


Anonymous said...

So, just exactly where are you? Are you back with Jesus for Jamaica, and living in the house on the mountain? Or are you some place else? I assumed you were back with Linda Botkin, but then you say you are going to miss her. So, I'm confused. Please explain, and where you are, how long will you be there? And will you be doing active Mission work again? So many questions........

calie said...

I'm so happy that you guys are coming home and staying home. :) I know you are going to miss it in Jamaica (i'm going to miss the fact that i can't come visit you there ;) )

But I'm happy to have the family together and Dontae can grow up with his family near him. Plus! He gets to meet everyone at the family reunion next year :) :)

Love you mama & markie

Kathy R said...

God guides our steps, even when we can't see the path, doesn't He? God is so good. How long (approx) do you think, before you might hear from the US authorities?

itsagodthing said...

I am very confused. I have been following your blog & thought your intentions were to continue mission work & raise your adopted son in Jamaica. Why the change of heart?