Thursday, September 1, 2011

Unexpected thats for sure...

Ok so today has been kinda hard, we are leaving Dontae with a young gal that hardly knows him.  They seem to be doing very well together though.  Gladys is right around the corner, oh and I think he is starting to get sick.  But we are prepared with all the meds. just in case he gets sick sick.
We give hugs and kisses and are picked up to be taken to the airport. $100.00 mind you.....  One way.......
We get to the airport and everything goes very vert smooth, which is a nice surprise.  We go and get a pizza for lunch and find out that our flight is delayed a hour.  Ok we think not so bad, they have free internet.  LOL.  But then it gets delayed another hour.  Ok now this is starting to sneak its way into our time of driving from Miami to Orlando to stay with Lynda and Tim.  So I email Gladys and tell her to get a hold of Lynda, because there is no way that we are going to show up at there house after midnight. Well good thing we did that because he was delayed again a third time. :-(  Anyway we land in Miami at something like 11:00pm, we were supposed to land at 5:45pm.  We pick up are rental car that was $18.00 .  So now off to eat something, because we are starved.  We see an IHop, so IHop it is.  After we eat we decide that we best find some wireless internet to see if Gladys told Lynda and to order some airtime for our phone in the States.  We head to a big hotel, because I am sure we can pick something up from the parking lot.  :-)  Yea but, my computer is not charged. (I swear if its not one thing its another)  so Mark goes into the hotel to ask if we can come in and use the WIFI and the reason why.  The guy says sure.  So in we go.  My laptop for some strang reason decided not to work in there, so after about an half and hour, we ask if we can use there business room computer.  The sweet guy that reminded me of Zack Neufeld once again said "sure".  Ok Emails done and back to the car.  It is now 1:00AM and we can not afford a hotel, so to the store for a couple of waters and back to the big hotel with the nice parking lot.   LOL  We set our alarm for 3:00AM, recline the seats and try to get some well needed shut eye.  NOT!!!!  We were both sweating and sweating because there was really no air and it was hot.  We couldnt leave our windows down, we are in Miami.  LOL and not to mention when I did fall off to sleep my restess leg would kick in and wake us both up from the one second we were asleep.  So Mark said, "ok forget this noise, if we are driving at least we will have air"  So we head out on our 4 hour drive in the middle of the night with no sleep.  On the turnpike with all the tolls and the cool stores, it for sure was an adventure in such a late hour.  We get within 100 miles and Mark pulls off and we close are eyes until our alarm goes off again.  I think I kinda woke up, but now we saw a dunkin donut sign, which meant "COFFEE"
Excited to drink my coffee when I then said, "what is so great with this?"  12 sugars later, just to be able to drink it. 
We now arrive at the fingerprint place, and looking like crap with no sleep and wrinkled up close we head on in.  We were there fifteen minutes before they opened but we saw people walking out. Hmmmm.  We found out later that Orlando is on Eastern time.  "Oh so the time in the car was right" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLO
After a whole bunch of rigamarole, and trying to find papers that we need so they CAN take our prints was a little stressful.  But there were these two people that decided to go to bat for us.  (Thank you God)  and they found them.  Finger prints were done in less then three minutes.  Homeland security had them immediatly, and now lets pray that they will take them a day late.
Huge stressor gone......  Starbucks where are you???????  Oh man we start driving and right there on the left is Starbucks. (Thank you God)  Wireless worked just fine here on my computer.  I send Lynda a message and then there she was messaging me.  She told us not to go to breakfast and to come there because she has food for us.  So off we went.  I will call Homeland security tomorrow to see if I can find anything out.  Oh and my laptop will not work here at Lynda's either.  So I am writing on this TV that is big as the width of a double bed.    Yea you heard me right, and its very cool, sitting here on the beautiful couch typing away listening to my husband snore.   LOLOLOL  What a treat for us, to be able to stay here with Gladys's daughter and husband, who also just bought Dontae two out fits, and a toy.  Like Mother Like daughter I think, they are both so loving and giving. 
Any whoo we are here until Monday.  And then we will get to see the eyes of our beautiful boy again.
Prayers needed that Homeland security will take the prints.