Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This and That

My lovin husby decided to also catch up on our blog, and he started laughing.  He asked me "do you proof read what you write?"  "Uh no"  I said.   LOLOL  So he started reading to me what I wrote, WOW, maybe I should.   LOL  But if I had to take the time to do that, then I would change everything I wrote.  So if it bothers you how bad my grammar is then I am sorry.
So, remember the two papers I said that we were missing?  I called our social worker Ms. Brown yesterday morning, and she said that she didn't even know what they were. (Great!) She said she would check into it.  We don't have the time it takes for them, so I called Mr. Smith, who used to be in charge of our case and is very up on all this stuff.  He told me what we needed to do,  so after about a zillion phone calls, the papers will be in Kingston today.  We decided to go to the Embassy yesterday to ask some questions for us and Ms. Denise, who is adopting Anita. But they wouldn't let us in with out the papers that we will be getting today. After talking to two different men, they finally send out a gentleman that knew what the heck he was talking about.  He did give us some encouraging news.  He told us that the way they do things here as far as getting an interview appointment is not set in stone, that they do make exceptions, so he told us to bring the papers back on Thursday and plead our case again.  He also gave me a phone number.  DID YOU HEAR WHAT I JUST WROTE?, A PHONE NUMBER.   LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL The Embassy does NOT take phone calls anymore, but now I have one.  (even though no one answered)  LOL  Still I feel so entitled.  :-)  Its homeland security number, and I really wanted the Visa number, but oh well.  We are hoping to drop the papers off today, so we can get a head start for Thursday.  Are plan was to go back to Whitehouse today, now that is not going to happen, we now need to stay at least through Thursday, but then if they let us go get Dontae's medical, (which is done in Kingston) then we will have to stay longer.  We feel so blessed that we know a young man that rents his car, and its very slow for him right now, because its not a problem for us to keep it.  I would hate to drive 4 hours back, to just turn around and come right back here.  So I think I have brought you up to speed.
Ok when I know more, you will know more.


Kathy R said...

You know...when I'm reading your blogs I just feel like I'm right there with you. Keep your eyes up!

Anonymous said...

Love Reading your Blog! It is always in real time...keep it up!
Thankful to know how it is going! Praying! Love, Me

Anonymous said...

Your blog is very enlightening.