Thursday, September 22, 2011

The calm before the STORM

We got up this morning and went right away to the Embassy, but was told to come back at 1:00, so we came back to our room put Dontae down until it was time to go back. Its kinda funny here in Jamaica, there is alot of places that you don't need to pay for parking, but really you do, because the Jamaicans come out of the wood work to stand guard on you car until you get back.  We had like five different guys all helping us.  In a way its great because they stop the traffic for you, they take down your stroller and put it in the trunk, but they also expect some moooola.  This morning we were gone only five minutes, but all five guys wanted some money.  And us the whiteys felt bad, gave them some money and they told us they would save our spot for at 1:00.  Ok so we expect not to pay the next time, right?  wrong........ So we get inside the doors and I had to taste the drinks in the diaper bag, Dontae had to take a bite of his lunch and I had to rub his lotion me so they would know that its all safe.  We get our number C610  and they are on C601, not a bad wait at all.  We get in and in talking we find out that there is one judicator for ALL the Caribbean islands. And the judicator is the person that does the step we are in.  In China they have many judicators since they have so many adoptions going on, so since Jamaica does not have alot, this judicator is for all over.  So that news was not very good to hear. We sent in all our paperwork last week, well come to find out they got it just yesterday.  So this lady was familiar with our names and what we were asking.  She told us the usual wait time for this process is 60 days. But they do make exceptions, although the exceptions are for children with urgent medical needs.  Not so much to people that had to quit making there house payments three months, had to draw on there retirement, and that I want Dontae baptized, not to mention that our extension for income tax has to be turned in before the end of October, and our debit card expires in November, and same with my license, the stinking list goes on and on and on and on.  I am not asking for your sympathy, I am just venting.  We asked the clerk if she thought there would be any way at all for us to make the Oct 4th. date, she told us that the judicator probably won't even look at our file for about a week.  :-(  So was day before yesterday the calm before the storm?  The clerk gave us the judicators email address, and every email we send her goes immediately into our file and she reads it.   We have paid for the car until Tuesday, so we are going to stay in Kingston just in case, because I am going to write this woman our entire story, maybe she will feel for us and make it work. Dontae is so worth all this, don't get me wrong, but we are sooooooooooooooooooooooo ready to be home.    And staying at the Star Castle on cup o noodle soup for the next however long, I think I might just barf.  SIXTY DAYS MAYBE........  Please God, I know you don't give us more then we can handle, that must mean we are very strong Mark and I, but right this second I can tell you I am NUMB!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Keep thinking positive.
Keep being optimistic.

It may be rough now, but you're all coming back soon. And let me be the one to tell you, there are alot of excited people here, there, everywhere waiting for that to happen.

Lay it all out and hope for the best. We're all praying.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry my friend. You are so capable and strong, I know you guys can do this :)

Kathy R said...

I am sorry for all this waiting, waiting, waiting. God's ways are not our ways, but His ways (and timing) are perfect. You have been living on prayer, and learned so much about God's support, what a great example you will be in leadership when you get home!
Praying for you!