Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our Love Story Part 4

So like I said I never hardly slept because I was so excited to Mark at church.  So I got myself all cute and off I went, my kids were staying with there dad so they were meeting me there.  As I was walking in there he was with his mom and dad of which I was introduced.  First thing I thought was "wow what wonderful parents, now maybe I will have some in laws that appreciate me and who I appreciate"  LOL  I know what you are thinking, but heck like I said before, I knew we were going to end up together.  So after that Sunday, we spent hours on the phone together, we started going on more and more dates. I was introduced to his children before he was mine, because I wasn't going to introduce them until I knew for sure that Mark was on the same path as me. LOL.  Brandon and I hit it off right away, I really thought he was a great kid, even though he has some rebel in him that's for sure.  Alesia was this darling darling young girl that dressed like a boy who weighed 200 lbs.  But the main thing I remember about her back then was how smart she was, she could hold a conversation with her dad that I couldn't even.  And funny, OMGosh how funny.  After some time I introduced my kids to Mark, and they all got along fantastic.  When we started getting more serious in our relationship we decided to start going to counseling to learn the best way to blend our families.  We didn't want to go through what so many others had.  And I suggest everyone should do it.  We learned alot about our families and each other.  But then the dreaded Dr. Laura speech came up.  LOLOL  mind you I loved Dr, Laura back then, but I sure didn't like the speech from Mark.  She said that you HAD to date at least one and a half years before you can get married.  So Mark stuck to that no matter how hard I tried to to convince him otherwise.  We hung out with his folks quite a bit and played games and just talked, I was in 7th heaven.  Such strong Christian people that loved their children so much.  I went on to meet his wonderful siblings and his niece and nephews.  What a blast.  I was taking my kids to Disney Land and asked Mark if he wanted to come and bring his kids.  To my surprise he said yes.  So we rented two rooms, one for all us girls and one for the boys.  What a ball we had, and that is where we were all introduced to dippin dots.  Oh Man how we all loved those.  So after awhile Mark asked me to marry him and he announced it in church the next morning, and our children didn't even know at that time.  It was just amazing.  We decided that we were going to get married the next summer on his 7 acres.  So now the planning begins.   Stay tuned!