Saturday, September 17, 2011

So much Laughter

This amazing little boy of ours brings so much laughter and fun to our lives its just crazy.  We are almost always laughing with him and just having the best time.  He talks and talks and talks with hand movements and body language, but we can't understand one word he says.  So the more we giggle, the more he does it and the cycle goes on for hours.  I think I am beginning to get TMJ from laughing so hard and long.  The laughter continued on even after we put Boo to bed last night.  Mark and I were watching TV, yes I said TV... its been really fun to watch it when we haven't had it for this last year.  But we were watching this show WIPEOUT.....  we just had the best time laughing and talking and holding hands.
So why did I wake up this morning feeling so anxious with a upset tummy from being anxious? (well maybe its from the top ramine I keep eating, because its either that or toast) no no all silliness aside, we just want this to be finished.  We are more then ready to bring our baby home.  Ms. Brown who is our Child Development Agency woman working on our adoption here in Jamaica is wonderful but stinking  S  L  OOOOOO  W...  She was nice enough to get Dontae's passport for us, but that was over a month ago, maybe two months if I look back at dates, and she still has not got anywhere.  So Mark and I took it into our own hands, the application is done pictures are taken, form is notarized, so now we just need to take it to Kingston.  We cashed in one of our retirement polices, but when they deposit it into your account they do it in three different increments, so we won't have enough money now until next week.  There is a road block at every single turn. The letter that I wrote the Embassy? Well they haven't responded as of yet.  I just pray they have some compassion and grant us this interview early.
So with all the laughter and fun there is still an anxious sick feeling, that I am so ready to get rid of.
I just heard that Jenni does not have enough funds to get her back to Jamaica for her internship,  Please let me know if you can help her financially or email her.  The youth here in Whitehouse really need her and the youth group she will be doing.  Please pray that her funding will come in, and pray to give her wisdom on fundraising ideas.  She is supposed to fly back here on Oct 10th.


Miss Linda said...

Oh what I would do to hear that laughter. Kim... I miss your laugh so much...It always makes my heart happy.
Soon I will see you guys and I can't wait.
Prayers are still coming your way and will help you when I arrive.

Love you guys so much,

Miss Linda

calie said...

wipeout is a fantastic show!!! cracks me up everytime! :)

had a good talk today mama. miss you guys. xoxo