Tuesday, February 8, 2011

who needs a shower right!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 3 without water.  Actually had to send Mark and Jenni to the store to buy some water for drinking and baby bottles. Trying to make dinner with no clean dishes is rather difficult.  LOL  But thats the name of the game right?
So like I said Mark and Jenni went to town yesterday.  I think maybe they aren't a  good combination. LOLOLOL First they went to the meat market, Jenni didn't even notice that they didn't get all there meat. (no worries they wern't charged either) LOL  They were supposed to get  6 cans of tuna, they bought 3, LOL (they did have a list) I told Jenni where to buy veggies at market, (her's are so much better then the others) but went some where else, and the lettuce they bought was the size of a baseball.  LOLOLOL  whats up with that?  ok moving on.... they went to the bakery to buy some coco bread (we haven't had any of that in months)  So last night we were sitting around and I asked where is the coco bread?  No one knows!!!!!  Jenni thought maybe it was in her purse.  (I can't quit laughing here)  she comes out and said "we must of left a bag in the taxi"  Mark bought screws and they didn't make it home either.  So anyone agree, that maybe, just maybe these two work better together as puppets....... LOLOL Speaking of puppets, Mark and I were puppets last night for the puppet show.  I think Jenni should of took my part.  But it was sooooo much fun.  Especially when the puppets would have fun with Jenni adlibbing.  Great fun!  Only 15 kids last night, but it was a lot more in control, then with 22.
Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about Mark and Jenni, I am just having fun harrassing them.  LOLOLOL