Sunday, February 20, 2011

long days and long nights... when your sick

I have to say being in a third world country being so so sick with no car has been almost to much for me. The first day Markie and I walked down the hill to go to the Dr. (until my motorcycle guy picked me up) was bad, but not that bad, because my sickness wasn't in full motion. The next day, when I thought I had to go back to the Dr., I didn't know how I was gong to get there. It was just not a good feeling. And so many, almost all of the Jamaicans up here on our mountain do not have cars. My bed is in the living room/kitchen, so I am sure it wasn't pleasant for the rest of the family, me moaning and groaning LOL. Then last night Dontae woke up with this cough, almost like something was stuck, not like croup. And it was just better for him to sleep upright rather then laying down, so we were up with him till morning time. All the time I am thinking what the heck do we do if we need to take him to the Dr.??? So today, I walked outside on the porch,I think the first time since I went to the Dr. and it felt so good to know I am getting better, I still feel like my body was hit by a mac truck. But tomorrow we need to take Dontae into Sav la mar. Haven't I told you about the taxi's??????? I really do NOT want to put the baby into one of them. And am I strong enough to go through what you need to go through to get somewhere here in Jamaica? So I am telling you all this because I am in very much need of prayers, I am beginning to feel weak in the sense of just stopping, quitting if you may. This reaction to the antibiotic really took me down hard and its affecting my entire outlook on things right now. At least that is what I am contributing it too. Just another one of Satan's moves. To try and bring me down. So if you would please pray that these feelings I am having will just leave as fast as they came. And please please pray that we can figure something out so we have a car up here 2000ft.


Miss Linda said...

God is showing you just what the people on the mountain have faced for over 100 years. No water, no transportation, little money to buy food or supplies. I spent the first 10 years on the island doing just what you are doing now. It will either make or break you.God has always come through for me when things looked the darkest.He will bring you through. He will bless your time there as your bless others.