Thursday, February 3, 2011


Long day, but certainly worth it. Our day started off with working in the basic school. Mark and I first went over to the school to measure and look at everything we want to do for the school. Our team that is coming in April is going to be the lucky ones of re-doing the inside of the school. Paint, shelves, bins etc. They are in such need of a face lift. Jenni was at home, getting a lesson together for Veritas. Then we both came over and worked with the kids. Still working on plants and how they grow. Very fun. After school Jenni and I went back home to get Mr. Mark to go volunteer at the soup kitchen down in Whitehouse. But Dontae had a 102 fever. So Jenni and I went, and left the boys at home. The soup kitchen was amazing. We have been wanting to help for quite some time now, but this was the first we made it. The soup kitchen is worship and testimonies and prayer ending with a very nice hot meal for the homeless. It was just wonderful. I asked Jenni to take a picture of me serving food, so it looks like I do some thing around here, lololol, but lets just say her picture taking skills did not come through. LOl so you will just have to take my word.
After the soup kitchen we went to the meat container and to market and to the school book store to get some things laminated for the school. Then back up the mountain to decide whats for dinner before youth group. Tuna casserol it is, which Mr. Mark made since Dontae would not stop crying. This same thing happened when his first tooth was coming in, so we think the second is close. Anyway dinner was fantastic, Anita was being tutored in math by Jenni, and Felix was writing a sentence 25 times for a punishment. I was cleaning the kitchen and Mark was tending to the baby. Now its youth group. But since the baby has a temp. and Felix really needs to go to bed, the three of us stayed back at the house. I was kinda bummed because the lesson Jenni picked out sounded amazing.
OH my GOSH, they had 18 teenagers. The other night it was 12, so we gained 6.
For the most part, it went wonderful. We all think they will learn after getting to know us more on what is acceptable behavior.
Well we couldn't be more pleased. The turnouts have just rocked.
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Hope all is well,


Jenny Lee said...

wow 6 more teens that is great!