Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A lot to be thankful for...

You know that everyday is a new day right? Well today is a new day. I feel like I am getting stronger which means it isn't so easy for Satan to get in and mess with my head. I know he doesn't want us here, and he sure in the heck doesn't want us up here on this mountain where we are starting to affect these wonderful people.
I know some of you may not like the style of how I write to you, about personal issues, about our feelings, and especially my feelings. But to me, that is part of the reason why I put the effort into this blog. Many of you haven't had a friend go off and be a missionary, or maybe its something you have always thought of but to affraid to go. So this is my way of sharing everything, not just the joys and excitments of being in the field. It is far more then that. It is for sure an emotional roller coaster. It is intense, it is sad, it is disgusting at times. Every single day you find yourself wanting to help someone, or someone asking you for help. Mark changed a door for this lady (if you could call it a door), her door did not close right and she couldn't lock it. That small thing brought so much joy to this womans face. Our next door neighbors take baths in a tub outside there door. They cook on a fire, they go to the bathroom in an outhouse if they have one. They scrub their clothes by hand every single day. None of us really know what its like to live like this until someone you know tells you. So this is why I say it all. We, as in all of us, can't do or help anything or anyone if we don't know about it right? Being a missionary is hard work, very hard work and its round the clock, not just nine to five. There is no time to be sick. You are always wanting to do more and help more, and that takes more moola. So far we have been pretty darn creative with our youth lessons. We are wanting to do a movie night with popcorn and juice up at the clinic. Miss Linda has a projector that will make the picture huge on the wall. Cool!!!!! We want to do an out door pancake breakfast once a month after church to try and bring in more people from the community. We so bad want to do a community garden. All this takes money. Not lots of money, but still money. So that is a stress missionarys go through.
But I am also here to tell you that the REWARDS are so much bigger then any of the garbage you go through. Watching the childrens face's, meeting amazing people, helping someone, and really feel like you are helping them, not just lending our buddy five bucks for lunch. (oops you don't say buddy in Jamaica)lol
And watching God work in a different way daily, simply amazing!
Talking about Christ on a daily basis with people and learning more about him yourself. It is an amazing journey, one I will never forget, and one that I am not sure I want to give up come July. But we want to do Gods will and so what he says goes. And why we ask for your prayers on what God wants for our future, and for clarity for us. We need prayers for more sponsors to help us get the word out even more, to be able to give some of these people some joy. And yes, we still are praying for transportation LOL
We sure want to have you take advantage of us being here to come and stay with us in our cottage on our mountain, to be able to do a little of what we are doing to meet some wonderful people, to do Gods work. Oh, and to have some fun in the sun. All for $450.00 plus your airfare. Thats a week. A full week, transportation, food, and your room. Take advantage of having someone you know who is living in a third world country, that can take you around. Now that doesn't happen very often if at all in ones life. Hop on board, with coming here, praying or sponsoring. You won't be dissapointed.
I think I am feeling better huh? lol


Miss Linda said...

Wow are back on track. Satan did not get the job done, GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST !!!!!

Denise Johnson said...

I do not comment very often but I read your blog often and love to hear how things are going, good and bad! What a journey you have been on. Praying that God gives you strength to endure sickness. Living in England made us very thankful for what we have in America............couldn't imagine living the way you are now. What a blessing and an adventure you are living! God's blessings to you! Say hi to Jenni for me! Denise