Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Information if you want it...

We have a letter from  Child Develpment Agency here in Jamaica from Mr. Bowen, the man in charge of the closing of My Fathers House.  We intially were going to post it on this blog to prove our innocence, but in praying about it over night we decided to just let you know it is available via email.

Other information... to friends and family that remember when I was in the hospital for two weeks with a rash from an allergic reaction to some medicine.  Well, I got a urinary tract infection, from when we were out of water for 5 days and the fact that I was not drinking water,  I was put on a sister medication to one of the ones that almost killed me. LOL  not funny, but kinda funny. LOL
 Holy toledo, it all came back to me immediatly.  Everything was going wrong, and sick... oh man!!!!!
With no car, Mark and I headed out on foot. LOL (I sound like a good author writing a book)  till my motorcycle man came to my rescue.  LOL  (true story) When at the bottom of the hill, I needed to wait for Mr. Mark to catch up.  We caught the next taxi and off to the Dr. we went.  Thank God the front seat was open for me to sit in or his car would of smelled bad after I got done with it.  We made it safe and sound, but had to wait for over an hour to see the Dr. I was not doing well,  my body was itching from the inside out, the palms of my hand and feet.  My stomach was hurting, my lips and eyes were starting to swell.  Sounds fun huh?  lol  Anyhoo, the good ole man had to give me a shot in my bu** of steroids.  Then stomach medicine and a new antibiotic.  Then back to the street for the long journey home.   LOL  BTW was that story way to much information??????LOLOLOL
I am home now safe and sound, the itching as calmed down quite a bit.  The stomach still bites, and I feel like I was hit by a mac truck, but on the road to recovery.  So please pray for this to just be over with soon there is way to much work for me to do.


Anonymous said...

Could you please send a copy of the cda letter to me. I would very much like to read the details in it. My email is
Thank you.