Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Basic School/ "VERITAS"

What an exciting day we had today. Jenni and I worked at Jesus for Jamaica Basic School. The little kids are so adorable and so willing to learn. They might not listen so well, but they do want to learn. LOL
We read the children stories, we took them outside and gathered leaves. All types of them and all shapes and colors. Then we went ba

ck inside and used the leaves for math. Counting them by size, counting them by color. It was great fun. While Jenni and I are working at the school, Mr. Mark takes care of Dontae and does Mr. Fix it things. Works out pretty darn good.
Tonight was "VERITAS" (means truth in Latin) for 12yrs. to 19 yrs. With the loud christian rap playing before it started seemed to work out pretty good. We had 12 teenagers come tonight and I only prepared for 10, but really thought we would only get 5, so YIPPPPPPEEEEEEE!!!!!! Our lesson was on sins. At the end of the class all the kids wrote on a piece of paper 2 sins that have been bothering them. They folded them up and threw them in the garbage can and we lit them on fire asking God for forgivness as we prayed. All in all, I think it was a hit, I guess we will find out come thursday.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like the work is beginning in earnest now, and that you are having good results. Terrific. Young minds are so wonderful to work with. Loved the pictures, too - please continue to send more as you can.

Mom Lau

Anonymous said...

In the second picture, who is the young lady standing next to Jenni? She doesn't look Jamaican, yet who else could she be? She's not Kim or Mark!

Anonymous said...

I'ts the one, the only, the Beeauutifulll Anita!! Love ya Anita!! Love, Mom Bushaw